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Full Moon in Capricorn and your Tarot Messages for each Zodiac sign

Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full moon in Capricorn, is a magical and powerful time. As all full moons show us what needs releasing, this one not only highlights that, but also brings you awareness in what to release, allowing you to find peace within, and balancing your energy. Finding the meaning in what you are meant to be focusing on. Boosting our feelings of determination, although some challenges may occur, while we are guided to what no longer serves us, stepping up now will bring many pleasant rewards.

As an earth sign, Capricorn will support any grounding we need, shifting our focus into earthly matters and where our true path lies. Capricorn governs our working area in the 10th house in astrology. However, this wake-up call, and release button, may not necessarily be in your working area, but in what governs your soul’s purpose, what is at your core and roots to the world. Living a life of purpose.

While your career and work may be where the shift is happening, extend that work area into your definition of work, then align and start your mission! For me my work is not only reading for people, but also bringing up my boys, getting order in my home, this is super highlighted for me now as I’m re decorating and getting order in the home, with 2 teenage boys this is like hard work every flipping day! But it also brings me much joy and purpose to make my home secure and comfortable and support my family. My career seems to take care of itself pretty much to be honest, I’m very fortunate there. I feel for me my soul purpose is more around building security and a firm foundation for my family and others to support them in their lives. That I love and makes me feel so good!  In my career I build foundations in my courses to help others learn, I’m my shop I set a foundation where others have grown from.  Think about your lifestyles with full moon. Your hobbies and what fills your soul with goodness. Gardening is another purpose of mine – forever working but giving so much pleasure to my soul. Laying the foundations of the bulbs that I see grow to magnificent flowers. If you’ve been working on something that doesn’t really fulfil you – let it go, this full moon in Capricorn will highlight that. Listen to your soul not your ego. Mediate.

My husband, a trance medium has been working super hard for many years but more so the last couple in having a deeper connection with his trance mediumship. Sitting in the power regular weekly, his commitment has never wavered. This week he had a breakthrough, while doing a public trance demonstration, a new personality came through with oodles of information, very different to what he has been used to. But it was the breakthrough he has been working towards, knowing in his soul that a change would occur just not sure when! I found it amazing that it happened during the build-up to this full moon in Capricorn.

This full moon helps us to be fully aligned, with our soul, living a life that resonates with our core values. Building a firm foundation in truth. It will support our life work is to find the truth of our being and who we are in this lifetime.

At it’s core,  this full moon in Capricorn is a time of going within and re assessing your commitments and shedding anything that distracts you. For those that have emotional things blocking you, this grounding energy of Capricorn will help you focus and leave that emotional block behind. Us your emotions in a positive way, to connect to your intuition, but don’t let them get in the way of your works purpose.

With all this work, start with yourself. Work on your own needs and energy.

Capricorn connects to discipline, from his ruler Saturn. For some this will be easier to be disciplined and to set boundaries now than others. Commit to getting to know yourself at your core now. What makes you tik, what drives you, what makes you feel alive, and with the fullness of this moon, what doesn’t!

While Capricorns vibe is hard work, stepping up to the plate will be worth it!

White crystals like selenite and clear quartz can help with clearing energy.

The tarot card that connects to Capricorn is the Devil.

The Devil in the card looks at what is controlling you, what is taking over your life in such a way that it he left you out of balance and under the influence of toxic or negative behaviours. When we are so focused on something it can literally take a hold!  The devil reminds us more of the Saturn’s influence in Capricorn, restrictions and restraints, situations that limit us. When the devil appears, temptation could be of influence now, but he also serves as a reminder that we all have a choice, and we do not have to stay chained to a situation that we have outgrown or that we see as healthy.  He can remind us of choice, similar to the lover’s card in that respect.

Full Moon in Capricorn Tarot messages for each zodiac sign

Aries: King of wands – This full moon really shows you what is working and what is not for you right now. You are in a good strong position to lead the way forward at your own beat. You can charm the birds out of the tree’s and people will be very drawn to you. The full moon shows you what area is important now and where you want to put your focus.

This full moon shows you that only you can lead the life you want too. You will see working areas particularly shine right now, and this will give you the confidence to reach higher. You may be looking at sharing your knowledge with others, this has been at the back of your mind, but now as your confidence grows, and with this full moon, you can see how much others would benefit from your experience.

Taurus: 7 of Pentacles – This full moon in Capricorn is a positive one for you. While patience is still needed, you are re-evaluating your life now and preparing for the big shift! You have really been working hard in many areas, and now you’re almost reaching your goals, however this full moon shows you what is important over what you thought you should be doing. Having a pause and looking over your past efforts will help you re focus your energy, finding the right direction as you finish projects and reach that important milestone or decision which could be life changing, but in a positive way. Practical assessments are taking place now for you.

Gemini: 2 of swords – This full moon shines light on the choices you must make. You can no longer hide; things need attention now. People or situations leave you feeling a little stuck, and maybe indecisive, follow your heart rather than your head.  Choices will need to be made if you want to move forward. This full moon shows you what you really want in your working life now, making the right choice will get you closer to your goals.

Meditation will help these choices. Mentally now this full moon may feel like it has confused you, however over the next few days as the energy settles, things become clearer for you.

Cancer: 3 of cups – Celebrations all the way! This full moon shifts things to a more fun vibration now. You can see what no longer serves and enjoy living for the moment. It’s no surprise you have the 3 of cups, being your birthday month. Use this time to embrace playful energy, building bonds with those you feel comfortable with, living freely and enjoying time spent with like-minded people. Females or those with a strong female influence may feel that extra special bond with others. This full moon shows up for you to let go of anything that holds you back or restricts you. Allowing you to embrace the fun and frivolous vibe around you. It’s time to party and enjoy celebrations.

Leo: 8 of cups – This full moon gives you the push to walk away from what no longer serves you. You may have been thinking for a while now that a change of direction is needed. This full moon assists that movement, breaking you free from a life or an emotional situation that you have outgrown. You are ready to be in touch with your spiritual side and emotional side more now. This full moon shows you that there is more out there and more that your heart needs. What you thought you wanted, now shifts as you move away from things you may have built up in the past, now looking for pastures new.

You are expanding your conscious and subconscious and the moon highlights emotional change that will serve you better in time.

Virgo: The temperance – Patience is a virtue! You want it all and you want it now! This full moon shines light on the bigger picture, long term goals and what you are working towards. However, you have a long road ahead, so plenty of time to perfect the journey.  Take your time, smell the roses, enjoy the slower pace, you will reach your goals eventually. This full moon shows you balance is the key. Doing things in moderation and making choices that bring you peace and harmony within. Travel plans may pop up for you, ones that will need some time in planning and preparing. This full moon breaks you away from ruts and feelings of being stuck.

Libra: Ace of swords – This full moon in Capricorn will support a breakthrough moment and a new way of thinking. Some of you may have new contracts or important choices to make that give you a new direction or a new beginning. Full moons usually shed light on what no longer serve us, for you, it shows you new ways from the old. Self-doubt or clouded judgement may have been making things difficult to move forward lately, but this full moon brings the change that you need to strive ahead and break free from blocks or mental challenges.

Scorpio: 8 of cups – This full moon brings emotions from the past back up to surface, some of you may even have people from the past popping back up to see you! You could be feeling nostalgia with this full moon.

What it does bring though, through going back into past emotions is healing. This full moon encourages you to accept past situations and learn from them. Aiding healing forgiveness and best of all finding peace.

This full moon shows you what’s important, and healing form the past will allow you to move forward and re set your future goals and ambitions. You are emotionally changing with this healing, and what you want now differs very much to the past 6 months.

Sagittarius: 4 of swords – This full moon in Capricorn will show you how far you come over the last 6 months, since the new moon in Capricorn shifted your goals and ideals. However, this will lead you to wanting a rest! And you deserve it after all your hard work. This full moon asks you to step back from everyday life, too much thinking and worrying, people and anything that is starting to drain you.  As a fire sign, you will not want to rest for long, so even a change of scenery will do! And when you do, you will be more than ready to catch back up and realign your thoughts. In fact, you would be glad of some rest now, because things are going to get busy for you!

Capricorn: 6 of swords – This full moon in your own sign, is going to feel comfortable.  You will feel more in control, and focused now on what you want. Things will seem like they are starting to move into calmer waters and take shape. The road previous may have been a few tricky months, one way or another, but now there is a transition now and even though you may not quite know where you are heading, it will be a much better place over all. This full moon shows you that when the going gets tough, people step up and help you. You don’t have to do everything on you on your own. As strong as you are, and stubborn, at times we all need some help to move on. And this full moon shows you exactly that.

Aquarius: – Ace of pentacles – This full moon gives you a green light to making money! Perhaps unexpected, money comes to you now or you have a light bulb moment on getting your hands on some! A financial opportunity comes your way. A new material gains. Some of you will have news around your property, perhaps moving house, or getting things developed with your home on larger scale than just a lick of paint. Your goal shifts to being more financially organised, and materially connected now. If you have been waiting on work to be done within the home, a new job, of financial offers, this full moon brings that and with it a feeling of security and completion.

Pisces; Ace of cups – Fabulous card for you fishes! Aces bring us new possibilities and hope. this ace brings you new energy within your emotions. This could be happy family additions, a new love in romance, new friendships and or a love that is connecting stronger again. This full moon gives you the news that you need to hear, to wake up and act. To be open to new opportunities that excite you or stir your creative juices. Some of you will be really following your spiritual pathways, some will be feeling more sociable and making new friends, some will be ready to search for your love! This full moon brings you a warm feeling of peace and hope. You can feel more secure knowing that if you follow your heart now, all will be well

Full moon in capricorn tarot reading for each zodiac sign 






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