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Gemini full moon tarot spread

Full moon in Gemini

This full moon today is especially beneficial to Aries, Geminis, Leos, Libras, Sagittarius and Aquarius

Gemini is an air sign, Air signs are thinkers and so connect well with mind matters. The full moon is thought of emotions. So mix the two and you have thinking emotionally, and maybe over thinking as this is a full moon after all! Connecting your heart and mind.

Caution lies in thinking first acting later especially with your emotions. You may have a better chance now to talk about your feelings and sharing them with others. You can be more talkative and speak clearer. You might have a better chance of keeping a cool head, but beware,  a cold heart can put others off. Harmony when thinking and feeling is important. Talk with love. Slow down the talking.  Avoid gossip or negative ways pf spreading talk

Find ways to express yourself with clear communication, in a loving way that you really feel from within.

Have you been holding something back?

 Now is a great time to share it, Particularly within family’s and friendships. Words have extra power through this full Month so choose kind careful words

Taking control over your mind, and your voice, avoiding misunderstandings and arguments will be important too

 As with Geminis, the mood is changeable and fickle. Spontaneity.

Reflect on what conversations you have recently have you been involved with gossip? With superficial feelings? Have you been too quick to change your mind? Or are you feeling restless now? Search for the truth and balance.

Be open to change and resist the urge to be too stubborn, learn, listen and grow

Feelings could well be magnified, but what you may have wanted to run away from will now be illuminated and will need to be addressed head on in truth and love. Communicate your desires honestly.

Gemini are also fun when they are not down, they literally go one way or another, so when not in a reflective mood, think about ways to enjoy yourself, bring out that inner child

Venus retrograde asks that you look back to your values and re building friendships or loves that have gone off kilt. Follow your instincts and how you value yourself and relationships and what’s important to you

Mercury the ruling planet of Gemini supports communication, wisdom, and technology may make you feel unsettled right now mixing your minds logic with your sensitive feelings. Try not to over analyse or over think relationship or friendship feelings but go with what feels right deep down. With Gemini being unpredictable and a yo yo sign, you may experience extremes in your emotions each different day. Allow the moon to shine what is important for you now and what needs to be let go or rebuilt,

Gemini full moon supports endings that have been based on superficial or fake energy,  and with Venus retrograde this will help us reach out to our values again and make the best choices in who or what needs to go or be repaired. People true colours will start to shine through now, allowing flakey or fake situations to be released. Some conversations may be uncomfortable but we are going through such a wake up call and relationship or friendship awakenings, this will serve us in the long run. Venus the planet of love and loyalty will not support disloyal or toxic relationships of any kind now

Ask yourself are you truly in a healthy relationship/friendship zone now?

Think about values you had put forward back in June/July and have they gone off the balance? This retrograde allows you to focus on bringing it back

The end of the  Venus retrograde is January 29th 2022. When we will be much clearer about any transformations needed to support our values and relationships. This will include any old loves, or past relationships where there may have not been finished business. A great time to heal wounds and move on in a more peaceful manor

We also have Chiron retrograde, the wounded healer planet. A time when we can see old wounds and past situations, even from way back being healed and accepted. Digging deep in to past experiences that have hurt and allowing yourself to heal and be set free finally from this. Coming to a place of peace love and harmony with acceptance

This is the last full moon if they year, a time to process all that has been and what will serve us best in peace love and harmony

 Full moon in Gemini/ Venus retrograde and Chiron retrograde questions to ask yourself  

*What no longer serves you now

*Is there an uncomfortable situation that needs clear communication to heal it

*What are your relationship/friendship values

*How can you find peace and harmony within a situation that is causing you to have mixed thoughts

* How can you find a place of peace and love and harmony now accepting what is

Gemini is the signs of the twinsGemini governs communication, intellect and gossip! 

As air sign they are deep thinkers and have an intellect that many struggle to achieve. Usually technically minded, they are lively, fun to be around mostly, and ruled by the planet mercury, they can talk their way out of a paper bag! As a twin sign, they have the double edge on that and can be gossipy and Moody

Gemini are one of the liveliest of all the Air signs. They have a young carefree nature are curious and open to taking risks. Not the best to pin down or give commitment though, a little fickle and scatty they could drive even the calmest person crazy!

Often misunderstood as two-faced, they simply see both sides of everything and find it incredibly difficult to make choices and decisions

They can be hyperactive and have short attention spans. They enjoy learning new things

One of the hardest signs to understand, but also one of the most likeable. Fun and with a great sense of humour, In a good mood they are charming but in a bad mood they are moody and rather annoying. Easily pleased but just as easily bored, and are quick to move on, without even a second thought.

Not one to hang around in an argument, but if pressed they can twist the argument and make you wish you hadn’t started it!

They can quickly move on to different subjects including people.

Their wit makes them great at sociable events, unless they are not in the mood- everything swings one or the other with Gemini, there is no middle ground.

Tarot spread for Full moon in Gemini

*Truths of both sides emerging

*How to balance your thoughts and emotions

*Fickle ways that need communication

*Choices coming up to be made aware of

*Fun things coming your way

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