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Full moon in Gemini

This full moon on the 23rd November is especially beneficial to Aries, Geminis, Leos, Libras, Sagittarius and Aquarius

I am lucky enough to be part of a group that will brave the elements and visit a lovely place where we will celebrate this full moon. As usual I will be cleansing my Tarot cards and Crystals with the Full Moons energies, while my alter both at home and at the lounge will reflect what I want to release and acknowledge

Gemini is an air sign, Air signs are thinkers and so connect well with mind matters. The full moon is though emotions. So mix the two and you have thinking emotionally, and maybe over thinking as this is a full moon after all! Connecting your heart and mind.

Caution lies in thinking first acting later especially with your emotions. You may have a better chance now to talk about your feelings and sharing them with others. You can be more talkative and speak clearer. You might have a better chance of keeping a cool head, but beware, cold heart can put others off. Harmony of thinking and feeling is important. Talk with love. Slow down the talking.

This full moon time, you can freely open your heart and mind, you can express your self in a way that unblocks those thoughts of restricted emotions. Find ways to express yourself with clear communication, in a loving way that you really feel from within. Have you been holding something back? Now is a great time to share it, Particularly within family’s and friendships.Words have extra power through this full Month so choose kind careful words. Avoid Gossip or situations that are flakey.

Taking control over your mind, and your voice, avoiding misunderstandings and arguments

Mercury the planet of communication Gemini’s ruler, is in retrograde during the Full Moon period, so communication problems, as well as emotions connected with your expressions and words may be an issue for some. Make your own minds up, don’t rely on hearsay or others opinions. Come up with your own ideas and plan carefully.Thinking through a situation is needed more this month.

Be flexible, do not insist on being right all of the time. While Mercury is retrograde see this as a time to fix something, its a second chance learning, maybe something that has come to light in the full moon regarding communication, can now be put correctly, leading to harmony and balance. Maybe information can now be clarified ,allowing a smooth transition or pathway.

The Full Moon of November also opposes the planet Jupiter, which is just going into his own sign of Sagittarius,thus increasing any communication problems,and lack of information on facts

As with Geminis, the mood is changeable and fickle. Spontaneity.


The reflections may be, have you been involved with gossip? With superficial feelings? Have you been too quick to change your mind? Or are you feeling restless now? Search for the truth and balance.

Be open to change and resist the urge to be too stubborn, learn, listen and grow






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