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Full moon in Leo

One of the luckiest full moons this year. manifesting at its most powerful for your own self needs

This full moon on the 5th February, 2023, fill us with a power to ignite our inner fire with what we want to be seen or known for. You are being encouraged to shine your light into the world, to find your playfulness and enjoy living your best life

Huge opportunities are coming now, the dark of winter is falling behind us, as the spring &  new vibes start to appear, pushing  forward our power and courage to go for what we want 

Do not accept less than what you deserve now, answer your true calling, listen to your own inner roar, and then let everyone else hear it. Follow your heart’s desire and passions now, don’t wait for anyone else, this is your life and you are being encouraged to live it! 

As with all full moons, this brings a time of awareness and releasing what no longer serves, and with that, releasing what is stopping us, be the best version of ourselves,  releasing the blocks or challenges that are stopping us feeling fabulous.

 Leo is ruled by the sun, and the Tarot card, Strength. This gives you the strength and courage to shine your brightest and be loud and proud as you bask in the glory and own your own vibe

Prepare for the drama to shake things up, as it  makes room for new opportunities that will allow you to shine your light the brightest

The release that a full moon brings, can shake up your comfort zone, as it reveals what is not stable or secure. And this one is no different so for some there will be  uncertainty in the air as change occurs to break away old energies 

Energies are more likely to be positive and vibrant now, and you are being asked to grab that energy for yourself,  be selfish as you take the lead in your own right. 

This Leo full moon will help fire away the winter cold and prepare you  for the spring months ahead.  A great time to let go of unwanted vibes now and anything stopping your show!

Leo like to have fun, so bring some joy and laughter into your life now. Spend time with children or where you can openly be creative, do things that make you smile from inside out.

Leo energies are proud, and loud, it’s time to be proud of your achievements and success now. Feel comfortable in who you are and let everyone know about it!

Leo’s connect to the heart Chakra, this full moon connect to your heart, release any blocks of unwanted emotional hurt and be open to fall back in love with  yourself, as a  higher dimensional love vibration ribbles through you now 

What can you do for this full moon? 

*Dress up, pamper yourself, buy that lipstick, do whatever it is that makes you feel fabulous 

*Write down all your achievements, be proud of who you are and what you’ve done  

*List everything that is blocking you from living your best life and then burn it! 

*Put yourself first 

*Make a note of what you want and where you want to be in your life,with who, doing what,  then make a note of how you can start to  bring that to fruition, and action it 

*Be true to yourself, keep it real don’t fake it to make it, don’t copy others, honour your amazing self and have confidence in everything that you are

*Take a stand in what you believe in including yourself 

*Praise others as well as yourself  Share the love 

On your alters you may want to put tarot cards that you want to manifest the energies off, carnelian, amber and tiger’s eye all crystals. Herbs such as camomile, sunflower or saffron. Leo Flowers such as the sunflower or marigold are out of season, but you can use your imagination here to brighten up your Leo area 

Leo Tarot Spread

*Full moon vibe

*How to own your power

*Creativity energy to explore now

*How to be loud & Proud

*Guidance on Inner Strength

*Leo full moon message 

To book a reading or this Leo reading email in at katemysticmay@gmail.com or see www.katemay.co.uk




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