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Full moon in Leo

As with all full moons, this brings a time of awareness and releasing what no longer serves Leos are loud and proud, so the energy is vibrant and you may find that you are more than ready to let others know exactly how you feel, releasing any pent up tension that may have been built up over the last few months

As Leo is ruled by the sun, though the energies are more likely to be positive and vibrant, aligning with mars and Venus, bringing together the power couple of astrology, balance, harmony, forming part of  planetary alignments boosting us all!

This Leo full moon will help fire away the winter cold and prepare us for the spring months ahead. A great time to let go of unwanted vibes now.

Leos like to have fun, so bring some joy and laughter into your life now. Spend time with children or where you can openly be creative, do things that make you smile from inside out.

Leos are good at putting  themselves fort, if you’ve been a little self-indulgent lately, try and find the balance to think of others, if not now is the time to turn your attention t yourself to feel fabulous.

Leo energies are proud, and loud, it’s time to be proud of your achievements and success now. Feel comfortable in who you are and let everyone know about it!

Leo Tarot Spread

*Full moon vibe

*How to own your power

*Creativity energy to explore now

*How to be loud & Proud

*Guidance on Inner Strength




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