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Full Moon in Libra

Full moon in Libra

Revelations about relationships – not just romantic but friendships, business partnerships and of course your own relationship with your self

We often forget we are always in a relationship with ourselves so it makes sense to start looking after that first, right?

Aries sun will enhance your self (me first) vibe

The astrological house your Libra and moon sit in will highlight the area focused on – mine, for example is in my 8th house – connected to other peoples money & taxes – as Libra is partnership this will highlight a connection with others around money – and as if by magic it’s when I’m signing contracts to do with my new business partner for the lounge! Spooky eh?

Working with the moon helps things to go more smoothly – there’s an alignment

Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn today, and we’re alert, practical of mind, and busy. Thoroughness brings rewards. Mercury-Saturn helps ground us mentally. Reasoning things logically and step by step can be beneficial and even soothing.

This aspect promotes a deliberate and efficient approach to the world around us. We see the benefits of organising, making lists, attending to details, and making sound judgements and decisions.

Also today, the Sun’s alignment with Chiron draws us to problem areas so that we can repair them. It’s a powerful time to see each other’s potential, although the process might feel challenging. We may have the opportunity to find a sense of purpose, increasing our confidence.

Still, we might face life lessons that get us in touch with the insecurities that undercut our confidence. In fact, growing and succeeding can involve facing our fears. The desire to learn through experiences and others is active now, and problem-solving is favoured. It can be a time of building faith or confidence in our skills and talents.

Openness and self-honesty are vital now, and the focus may be on asserting ourselves and acknowledging our own needs in healthy doses so that we can bring our “whole selves” to our activities.

Relationship imbalances and flaws are more noticeable and perhaps even glaring now. We can feel quite inspired to make improvements, coming up with excellent strategies for doing so now.

Balance in everything will be highlighted especially where things have not been in equal balance

This Full Moon awakens our feelings, especially about relationships and social exchanges.

This full moon in Libra

⭐️Think about outdated or old relationships that need releasing or rebalancing

⭐️ Wake up to your own self relationship

⭐️Find some balance & harmony in relationships that have been a struggle

⭐️Ask yourself what have you learnt from your recent and current relationships

⭐️Find the positives and beauty from any negative relationships to bring peace

⭐️This week, projects will work better by joining forces with another





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