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Full Moon in Libra

As every full moon it is a time of realisation, letting go and things coming full circle for you 

The libra full moon relates to relationships, balance and brining harmony into your life

This moon will bring to life what you have experienced within yourself and relationships and lessons learnt form the last 12 months and support any changes still needed by you to bring harmony into your life 

Known as the worm moon, when the worms come to the surface as do our awareness 

This is a powerful full moon, having strong effects on our psychical bodies, including muscle and joints in our lower back, and knees. I kid you not, Mr Flaaa has done his back in and both myself and my Son have done our knees in! This is due to Libra ruling the Lumber region, endocrine system and balancing

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, art and beauty. Libra connects to relationships, finding balance and harmony within situation and of course justice . 

Now is a great time to release any negative judgments or allow the universe to hold people accountable for their actions 

This full moon is a perfect healing moon. AstrologerRuby Burkhalter writes

 “Libra is opposite Venus, Chiron and the Sun in Aries, while Mars is conjunct the North Node in Gemini. Take note of this Full Moon in Libra as a stellar time to heal relationships. When Venus, the planet of love, connects with the healing vibrations of Chiron, it is prime time to let go of unhealthy relationship dynamics. Mars conjunct the North Node in Gemini urges you to take action (Mars) to let go of the past (North Node). Tune into your intuition and you will know just what is needed”

With The Aries influence opposing the libra moon, this is a time of understanding our own needs within relationships. Our self-worth, and dealing with any part of ourselves that have been hidden in our shadow self, the self that we hide or dare to even acknowledge. Process all emotions good and bad, find the  balance of dark and light for perfect harmony

Ask yourself are you pleasing others too much? Are you allowing others to take you for granted? Are you the one who does what they can to get what they want all the time? Realise your part in all relationships and find a balance between them 

As Libra is ruled by Venus, this is a great time to remind yourself of all the beauty in your life and surroundings, you may even be looking at r decorating or jazzing up your wardrobe or appearance, especially with the Aries Sun influence 

Forgive what no longer serves, let go of poor habits from previous relationships, this is helped with Chiron the wounded healer, as it connects to Venus now 

Crystals that will support this full moon are Citrine and Pirate, Rose Quartz and green adventurine

Create an Alter using the Justice Tarot card, the Lovers and The 10 of cups, bringing emotional attainment, balance and harmony within relationships or for yourself. You may want to add a rose candle and some rose petals 


Key words Positive – Balance – fairness – Truth – Sociable, Thoughtful, Fun, 

Key words Negative – Indecisive – Flaky, Manipulative 

The sign of Libra is represented by the sales of balance. The Sun enters the sign of Libra on or around September 23rd until around October 22nd 

They connect to the 7th house in the Astrological wheel which is represented by Marriage & Relationships.

Libra are peaceful, calm and don’t like to see things out of balance, They enjoy being in a relationship, doing things in pairs, rather than being single. They love nothing more than being all snugged  up with her partner. They like justice truth and harmony. All though they can give a good argument when they need too, and can reach out for the underdog, they prefer a calmer peaceful life. 

As an air sign they are smart, logical and enjoy mental stimulation, interesting conversations and debates. Their ruling planet Venus gives them their beauty and charm. Lovers of beauty, art, music, and fabulous material pleasures.

If there is injustice or untruths floating around, Libra won’t be happy. They like harmony and Justice.  As the 7th house in the zodiac calendar, Libra starts the shift of balance, the first 6 signs look at our individual influence, from Libra we see the influence of others. Libras are first and foremost influenced and focused by other people and their relationships with them. Partnerships are big to Libras.

With Libra having Venus as their planet, just like Taurus, they share the planet of love (must be that partnership vibe) Venus in Libra connects to the harmonious side, the peaceful, loving and diplomatic.  attributes. supporting Libras social side, their beauty and elegant artists nature. Unbiased, passionate and pleasing Libras like to fulfil their partners wishes in more ways than one!  They are free spirited and open minded. They like high standards and like their heads and heels higher! 

Charming and outgoing, however they don’t trust easily. They only let a certain few get super close. They can be sarcastic and have a naughty sense of humour. They don’t regret their past, just the time get pissed at the time wasted on people.

Generous and fair Libras are best to keep on your good side. 

Tarot card – Justice 

Element – Air 

Crystal – Sapphire 

Flower – Bluebells

Colour – Blue 

Metal – Copper 

Planet – Venus 

Symbol – Scales 

Body – Kidney, Skin, lower back and buttocks

The Tarot card for libra is Justice 

Representing  justice, fairness, truth and the law. 

Accountability is key now and judgment is being called upon yours or someone’s actions. If you have done the right thing and your conscious is clear, you have no need to be of concern, however if you have done or said things that are not in truth, you will be held responsible for that in one way or another. 

This card isn’t about a win or lose, it’s more of a universal law that the truth out win in the end. It’s our higher conscious mind that is being called to honour our own truths and justice. Personnel responsibility will pay a major fact in this card when it appears in a reading. If you are willing to admit you have done wrong then the action, will be fair and without bias judgment. So if your actions leave you with regret, take note that by holding your hands up you will be treated in a fairer manner what ever the outcome. 

If you seek justice from a situation that you have been wronged, then the Justice card is a positive sign that it will be served. There could be legal cases ahead of you or important decisions that you are waiting on a legal representative to make the final decision. When the Justice card shows up, usually it indicates the ruling will be final 

Important paperwork, legal documents may also connect to this card, especially when a deadline and a decision is needed soon. Be prepared for some hard graft to get to the truth, and make sure everything is done in the correct way and format for best results. 

Important choices, truth and repercussions all connect to the Justice card. Seeking your own truth within and doing things that you know are to be true and right for all for the highest good. As accountability is represented by this cards so much, make sure your actions are all accountable deep within your soul. 

This card searches for truth and justice, digging deep into emotions, being consciously aware of your actions, making them fair and ethical. 

It is not up to us to take the law into our own hands with this card, it’s about fair and balance ruling. Sometimes justice is served in a different way to what we first think. The universal law will see to it that justice is served according to that accountability. 




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