Full moon in Pisces

Pisces Full moon

Full moons bring us illumination from what has been hiding

This full moon is in Pisces, the sign of dreams illusions and fantasy

 As the moon connects to our intuition and emotions, so too does Pisces, bringing a perfect blend of intuitive magic!

Pisces brings energies that flow, creating a stillness of acceptance along with positive vibes and transitions. Mercury the planet of communication creates an exact trine to lucky planet Jupiter, which was the original ruler of Pisces before Neptune discovery.

As mercury goes retrograde this month, this means that the luck and positivity will last for many weeks

With the moon conjunct Neptune, this wonderful planetary alignment will bring the Pisces energy to a new level! But it could also cause confusion so try and be present and remember to breath! This is a super sensitive time now

Our consciousness, is expanding, (Jupiter)awareness, spiritual insights and intuition. Your dreams and meditations will play a powerful role in understanding your own personnel power over these weeks while bringing to potential your  desires and hopes

Set no boundaries on your creative flows now, let your imagination go wild and fulfil your expressive natures.

Be open to connect to other worlds and dimensions now. Pisces energy awakens your subconsciousness to new levels.

Full moons support us in letting go of what no longer serves us, what hasn’t worked for us, think back to what you may have started to create 6 months ago when the new moon was in Pisces, anything that didn’t manifest for you should now be laid to rest. As the last in the zodiac cycle, this full moon brings closures and endings on emotions levels. A great time to release old wounds with compassion and forgiveness

There is huge influx of healing energies now, the moon in Pisces and sun In Virgo aiding  clearing and recharging you on many levels. A time of self-awareness and reflection on your own personnel healing journey shining light on what needs your attention now.  Be compassionate with yourself and others.

Questions to ask your tarot cards

*What does this full moon mean for you

*How can you release your old emotional hurts

*How can you heighten your intuition and understand your dreams now

*How can you learn to go with the flow more

*What are you currently transcending

*Full moon message

Mystic Blessings Kate May

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