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Full Moon in Pisces

Full moon in Pisces 

Especially good for Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Could be more challenging for everyone else. 


*Tapping into Empathy

*Deep Spiritual Connection


*Releasing toxic situations

*Finding stability in relationships

What to ask yourself

*Have you been living in a dream world, not getting anything done and just floating around making silly errors?

*Are you over sensitive and easily hurt right now? 

*Have you been acting like a martyr or easily led? 

*Are you meditating enough or too much? 

*Are you in touch with your intuitive side? Following your instincts?

Things you can do for this full moon

*Connect to your inner Psychic 

*Find a balance between your need for inner peace versus all your duties. 

*Forgive those that have hurt you, and yourself for any fears or hurts.

*Be greatful for those who share you dream and desires. For those you love and for the experiences you have had that are making you a positive person. 

Affirmation “All areas of my life flow with ease “

Full moon in Pisces 

Full moons bring us illumination from what has been hiding.

This full moon is in Pisces, the sign of dreams illusions and fantasy.

This is the third full super moon (out of four consecutive super moons) and the second full moon of the month (called a blue moon) which makes its influence extremely powerful!As the moon connects to our intuition and emotions, so too does Pisces, bringing a perfect blend of intuitive magic! As a super moon, meaning its closer to earth than the usual, we will feel this energy more intensely, bringing a time of heightened sensitivities.

Pisces brings energies that flow, creating a stillness of acceptance along with positive vibes and transitions.

Your dreams and meditations will play a powerful role in understanding your own personnel power over these weeks while bringing to potential your desires and hopes and releasing what no longer serves you. if you find that doors are closing during this Full Moon, it’s important that we let them close, with grace. The recovering addicts adage comes to mind:

‘God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’

This should be our guiding mantra now. Attachment of all kinds – be they relationship, substance-orientated, habits or other chains that weigh us down – are likely to be removed so that we can breathe again. So that we can fly free and connect to what is really important to us – that which is profoundly spiritual, in every sense of the word. That which makes our soul come truly alive.

It will take work, make no mistake. Saturn – the karmic taskmaster – is closely conjunct this lunation. He will test us, push us, restrict us. Yet at the same time, Saturn is the planet of responsibility and maturing. In Pisces, he asks us over the next few years to do the very, very hard work of letting go of anything that has captured us in a veil of illusion. He asks that we face our emotions and come to terms with how may have attempted to run away from all that we feel, all that brings us to place of discomfort. 

He commands us to have better boundaries. He reminds us that, despite the insecurities that will no doubt arise now, we are more than good enough.

Be open to connect to other worlds and dimensions now. Pisces energy awakens your subconsciousness to new levels.

Full moons support us in letting go of what no longer serves us, what hasn’t worked for us, think back to what you may have started to create 6 months ago when the new moon was in Pisces, anything that didn’t manifest for you should now be laid to rest. As the last in the zodiac cycle, this full moon brings closures and endings on emotions levels.

A great time to release old wounds with compassion and forgiveness.

This moon Is strongly influenced by the surrounding stars and planets.

Because mercury turned retrograde last week and Uranus turned retrograde a couple of days ago, the combination of that retrograde energy with the Pisces moon could be bringing up old memories and “triggers” from the past.

This full moon will help you release any trapped pain memories or inherited patterns to help prepare your aura for the “upgrade” process.This full moon marks the ending of old chapters and cycles in your life. The old you is,dying, allow it to happen. You may feel uncertain or scared but you’re ready to let go this weight & baggage mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually. It’s a great time to connect with the higher dimensions through meditation and presence. You’ll notice deep connection with your inner knowing. Healing, vivid visions and messages may appear in your dream state, guiding you to your highest self. It’s also important to stay grounded during this time and do things that make you feel anchored into your body. Drop the internal fight and control. Exhale.

Surrender, allow the divine plan to unfold.

There is huge influx of healing energies now, the moon in Pisces and sun In Virgo aiding clearing and recharging you on many levels.

A time of self-awareness and reflection on your own personnel healing journey shining light on what needs your attention now. Be compassionate with yourself and others.

Questions to ask your tarot cards.

*What does this full moon mean for you

*How can you release your old emotional hurts

*How can you heighten your intuition and understand your dreams now

*How can you learn to go with the flow more

*What are you currently transcending

*Full moon message

Tarot card connected to Pisces: 

The high Priestess 

Intuitive, psychic and sensitive. All knowing. This beautiful card represent a situation is different to what appears on the outside. Asking yo to follow your instincts as you are all knowing on the inside. 





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