Full moon In Pisces

Full moon in Pisces

What does this Magical dreamy Full mean? How has it effected you? Now depending on all your planets and what in each house, depends how it will effect you on a more personnel influence

Here though is what it means in general

Especially good for the earth signs, Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo plus Scorpios and Pisces. The other signs may find this time a bit more of a challenge.

The astrology of the full moon of September 2019 brings a test of faith because of the square Jupiter/Neptune. Mars joins this aspect to form a T-square that increases the risk of disappointment and confusion due to mood swings, anger, and impulsive actions.

As all full moons its a time of releasing old habits, letting go of what no longer serves you, and things coming to fruition.

With the Watery Dreamy Pisces influence, you may have been doing more dreaming of late, I can say my dreams have become much clearer and crazier these last few days! But has your dreamy ways meant you’ve not got things done?

After the organizing and job doing influence of Virgo recently, things may have slowed down or almost stopped. Have you been extra sensitive and emotional lately? Have you been easy led?

This is a great time for listening to your intuitive side, following your gut instincts not someone else s. Pay particular attention to your dreams and the signs of spirit as they draw extra close this time.

Your Psychic side is defiantly heightened with the Pisces full moon but Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, will be conjoined with the Moon (which means they will be side by side in the same sign) also make us vague and confused as to what is real and what is right in our head.Following the wrong signals could lead to illusion, guilt, disappointment, and scandal. Dreams can turn into fantasies and suspicions into paranoia.

You may feel the need to spend more time meditating or connecting to your psychic side more, and as I said your dreams may become more powerful

The positive side of this Full Moon is that it is the beginning of an inner transformation that will help you make the necessary changes to make the most of the powerful energies coming through in the next few months. It will allow you to remove yourself from blocks that are stopping ypou or that are now old ways as you grow into your new ways

It’s known as a Harvest moon, as in days gone by our ancestors used to use the brighter light from the full moon to gather their harvest for the coming months.

The Tarot Card that connects to the moon is The High Priestess, the moon card is the planet neptune,

With The High Priestess, its all about listening to your gut feeling, trusting your intuition and feeling whats right inside no mater whats going on, on the outside. She the darker mysterious side to us, seeking the inner knowledge of our own power.

On my Alter this Full moon I shall be putting the Tarot cards of my intent, plus some moon stone crystal, and clear quartz to give more clarity to my dreams. I will have the female influence of the high priestess with my goddess statue.

Full Moon Blessings

x Kate May x

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