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Full moon in Sagittarius

Full moon in Sagittarius 

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As with every full moon, this is a time of letting go and releasing. Feelings and emotions are likely to run very high and you may be feeling extra sensitive right now. It has not  been an easy few weeks for most, some will be finding it harder than others. Use this full moon to let go of what is holding you back, your fears, your regrets, your hurts, anything that you feel you no longer want in your life.

Full moons bring to fruition what was seeded at new moon, so if you have had a challenging time, and as we approach the full moon, be open to  receive the penny dropping moments of insight, this allows us to be thankful for the tests we were put through, so we can be grateful that we have learnt something from them

The Full moon in Sagittarius is when we’re most likely to receive insight that reveals philosophical truths, this will  assist our healing and inspire us to commit to the path, to expand our spiritual life and world as a result. This full moon is a fire one with several planets conjunct, so expect to feel a little prickly. Just look at your animals and see how they have been acting up lately, I know my cats have gone a little crazier this last few days! 

We are also building towards a solar eclipse with this full moon, things will come to light to perhaps change our thoughts of region, belief systems and leaderships, just look at what’s happening in the world right now! 

As we start to come out of a strange lockdown, some people have already misused the guidelines, others are scared of returning to a new normal, the riots in America, everything feels tetchy and up in the air,  with no real guide from any one but ourselves. This full moon may show that our best teachers will come from our own source within . Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we finally learnt to listen to ourselves instead of others!

Expansion through learning is whats called for now, this could be in the form of earning from past mistakes or actual studying. Strengthening your inner voice and consciousness by deepening your understanding of yourself and the divine. 

Not one to mince their words, use the energy of Sagittarius to cut to the truth and expand on what you want in life. Let the old energy come to the surface and see clearer what you need to Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius encourages you to go deep within and stir your psychic senses

Things to think about in a sagittarius  full moon

Have you been to flippant, carefree or careless with your actions of late

Have you been letting yourself down or being distracted

Have you been arrogant or over cocky

Have you been having commitment problems

Have you been seeing the bigger picture

If you answer yes to these, now is the time to make amends with yourself, learn, let go and move forward clearer

My Alter for this full moon has a few tarot cards of what I want to be fulfilled, it has crystals of protection and clarity and I have chosen a black candle to banish any negativity  and a white candle to allow clarity and vision

Sagittarius connect to the 9th  house in the astrological wheel which has the influence of long distance travel, adventures fortune luck and teacher 

A fire sign, Sagittarius are ambitious, restless seek adventures and  live life to the max! 

They don’t like to be bossed about, much prefer to be the boss and teaching others the way to do things. They need their freedom so anyone trying to control them will be shown the door quickly and abruptly. 

They have a great sense of humour and can win people over with their charm however they can be cold and rather blunt, leaving those more sensitive feeling hurt and lost. 

They are ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of luck, so the may seem to always fall on their feet. Sagittarius are great company for those that can handle them. They love to travel, have fun with adventures and are not afraid to take risks. They have nose for following their goals, no matter who gets in their way. They need excitement in their lives and enjoy a chase. 

The Tarot card for Sagittarius is the Temperance

This is a card to remind you off  balance, Patience and being flexible within situations. Bringing moderation into your life. By avoiding extremes and bringing balance and calmness into situations you will get the best outcome 

With both the masculine and feminine attributes a equal measures, it encourages us to approach situations with equal force. 

A positive card, it reminds us tread carefully and remain with a foot in each camp to harmonise any situations.  There does not need to be any disagreements or confusion. Have patience when making decisions and  choices. This card is  about patience being flexible 

Temperance is the card for getting the flow just right,  bringing balance, patience and moderation into your life. 

When life is in a pickle, this card acts to remind us to remain calm and optimistic. To know there may be a period of recovery, but there 

By  Maintaining  an even temperament in situations now, you will feel more balanced and contented. Bringing people together, not opposing them,  blending all works, religions, and working together to form a whole and a well placed mix of abilities.Seeing the bigger picture that we are on a journey

The Temperance card, tells us that there is a long road ahead, that we must be flexible in our journeys if we are to achieve what we have set out for. It reminds us to be patient and do things in moderations with calm in order to bring about harmony within  a situation. Not to rush, but to go with the flow once the balance is there. 

Mystic Blessings 

Kate May 





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