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Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon In Sagittarius June 17th 2019


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As with every full moon, this is a time of letting go and releasing. Feelings and emotions are likely to run very high and you may be feeling extra sensitive right now. Its not been an easy few weeks for most, some will be finding it harder than others. Use this full moon to let go of what is holding you back, your fears, your regrets, your hurts, anything that you feel you no longer want in your life.

Full moon brings to fruition what was seeded at new moon so if you have had a challenging time as I have had recently, as we approach the full moon we receive the penny dropping moments of insight so we can be thankful for the tests we were put through – or at least be greatful that we have learnt something from them

Full moon in Sagittarius is when we’re most likely to receive insight that reveals philosophical truths that assist our healing and inspire us to commit to the path to expand our spiritual life and world as a result. As its conjunct the galactic centre, The centre of our spiritual enlightenment, this makes a very potent time to meditate, do ceremony and focus your intentions.

Expansion through learning is whats called for now, that may be learning from past mistakes or actual studying. Strengthening your inner voice and consciousness by deepening your understanding of yourself and the divine. Not one to mince their words, use the energy of Sagittarius to cut to the truth and expand on what you want in life. Let the old energy come to the surface and see clearer what you need too.Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius encourages you to go deep within and stir your psychic senses, expanding them with the planet neptune in a positive way.

Sag, is also the sign of freedom so being opposite sun in Gemini, you may want to use the freedom to look at travel opportunity, new business ventures, new homes or where some fun and adventure can come into your life right now

Relationships come to fruition right now, some will go, some will expand and have the chance to be more fun and carefree then before. The awakening has happened and with this full moon you should see things clearer

With every positive expansion comes a shadow side, be careful this doesn’t fall to your waste or purse

As with your words, be mindful, once said they can not be taken back

I for one am so glad that the full moon of release is here, iv had a huge awakening and am now ready for that potential of expansion,I am ready to be fully focused on what I want – are you?

Things to think about in a sag full moon

Have you been to flippant, carefree or careless with your actions of late

Have you been letting yourself down or being distracted

Have you been arrogant or over cocky

Have you been having commitment problems

Have you been seeing the bigger picture

If you answer yes to these, now is the time to make amends with yourself, learn, let go and move forward clearer

My Alter for this full moon has a few tarot cards of what I want to be fulfilled, it has crstals of protection and clarity and I have chosen a black candle to banish the past few weeks and a white candle to allow clarity and vision

The Tarot card for Sagittarius is the Temperance

The Temperance is all about being flexible and patient. It calls for you to have this patient while you walk a long path, knowing that you have a long road ahead, the outcome is harmonious with flexibility.It also connects to healing and finding balance within





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