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Full moon in Scorpio

Full moon in Scorpio
 As all full moons we see he energy releasing or bringing to surface what we no longer need 
The full Moon in Scorpio will bring up  intense emotions. Full moons often  see heighten emotions, bringing to the front what has been building for a while. They show us what we no longer desire so we can prepare to move forward leaving emotions or past negative influence behind.
Scorpio is an emotional sign. A secretive sign and one that is highly intuitive. One that is deeply emotional at the best of times. This deep full moon may show secrets pop up, hidden things that you have tried to ignore or your intuition may be super heightened now. This is a great time meditation or for enhancing your psychic abilities. On a different note, you may also be feeling super sexy! Rev up the passion and ignite your sexy desires! Scorpios are known as the sexy sign , so enjoy a little more sensual pleasure with yourself or your loved one at this time!
The full moon may shine a light on challenges we would rather not face but the healing and moving forward can only happen once the illumination has occurred. It may show up lies and confusion with messages or reports – rather than believe everything you hear, trust your intuition more
Scorpio energy brings our shadow side to light, that side of ourselves we try to ignore or supress for fear of people judging us or what we’ve been told is so bad we cannot access it to our conscious mind. This is a great time to delve deep in too your shadow side through mediations or sitting quietly and being super true to yourself. What is it that annoys you so much in others yet you cannot work out wh? Usually it’s a part of us that we have hidden. As children. We are told not to do this or say that and our feelings get buried, our shadow side becomes dark. The full moon in  Scorpio allows you to reach deep inside and bring to light that dark. 
This Full Moon is opposite Uranus in Taurus, square Saturn in Aquarius and trine Mars in Cancer.
Mars is fire so in a water sign this will fuel our emotions even more, be careful not to over react or be paranoid over situations 
Uranus will seek an outlet for them despite Saturn’s effort to keep us in check. A real push me pull me time but if you can find a balance here it will be easier 
This can be challenging combination  Expect things to happen, change is inevitable here, we may not feel it at the time but change will benefit in the end 
Taurus Vs Scorpio – Natural opposite both yin, fixed and stubborn although Taurus  is naturally calmer than Scorpio unless the bull is pushed! With the Uranus and Saturn connection here Karmic laws will play out, personnel responsibilities will be looked at and a feeling of freedom versus restrictions 
The Full Moon is a Sun-Moon opposition, Taurus/Scorpio, so it is a reflection of the qualities of the opposite sign.
The Full Moon in Scorpio is a reflection of what is going on in Taurus. Money matters, planning for the future, building empires or finding your way to a more secure lifestyle
Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, bringing transformation and change, but also of trauma, and hurt that which has been buried deep within, This will now have a chance to be realised and let go off. Think of areas in your life that no longer serve you use this powerful time to release that and change for the better.
The tarot sign connected to Scorpio is the Death card. This doesn’t have to be  death itself although usually it asks us to look at what has died around us, what is off no use or where would a change be more beneficial. As one door closes, one door opens and this will be true here as we move thorough the month.
Things to ask yourself 
What is shining bright for you to see clearly now 
What hidden deep feelings no longer serve you now and are ready to be released 
How best can you support all transformations over the next 6 months 
What is your intuition telling you 
How can you find peace with your shadow side 
Full moon blessings 
Kate May x 



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