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Full Moon in Scorpio tarot spread

Full moon in Scorpio tarot spread

The full Moon in Scorpio will bring up intense emotions. Full moons often see heighten emotions, bringing to the front what has been building for a while. They show us what we no longer desire so we can prepare to move forward leaving emotions or past negative influence behind.

This full moon is super intense due to the Solar and Lunar eclipses of late

Scorpio is the sign of re birth, transformation, coupled with the total lunar eclipse, the vibe is super powerful. Eclipses bring new beginnings, full moons bring endings, and Scorpio brings transitions. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is a powerful vibe right now.

Scorpio is an emotional sign. A secretive sign and one that is highly intuitive. One that is deeply emotional at the best of times. With a full moon mix of this energy, you can expect secrets to pop up, your intuition to tell you – I told you so – and be extra emotional. They are also the sexy sign, so enjoy a little more sensual pleasure with yourself or your loved one currently!

The full moon may shine a light on challenges we would rather not face but the healing and moving forward can only happen once the illumination has occurred. It may show up lies and confusion with messages or reports – rather than believe everything you hear, trust your intuition more

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, bringing transformation and change, but also of trauma, and hurt that which has been buried deep within, this will now have a chance to be realised and let go off. Think of areas in your life that no longer serve you use this powerful time to release that and change for the better.

There is a strong vibe of self-acceptance now, with all the changes going on, personally you may feel you are literally changing and finally accepting yourself for the fabulous one that you are

The tarot sign connected to Scorpio is the Death card. This doesn’t have to be death itself although usually it asks us to look at what has died around us, what is off no use or where would a change be more beneficial. As one door closes, one door opens, and this will be true here as we move thorough the month.

Scorpio Tarot Spread

*What is the energy around you now

*What do you need to leave behind

*Secrets coming out

*Transitions and Changes occurring

*Deep emotions to heal

*Scorpio Tarot message




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