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Full moon in Taurus 7 cards

Full moon in Taurus 7 cards

Full Moon in Taurus

November 19th this week, we have a Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

This is the first Taurus eclipse for 18 years , so think back to what changes happened in your life then, This doesn’t mean the same thing will happen but what lessons you are building from since that last Taurus eclipse.  This eclipse sees the opening to a new eclipse cycle. Representing transformation, and turning points. Destiny and fate of events for our own personnel and worldly growth and evolution. A great time to bring closure to things in our lives that no longer serve us. A chapter has ended ready for a new one.

As every full moon, we look at what no longer serves us, what we need to let go off and what is illumination upon us now shinning something that will come to light. 

Being in Taurus, we look at our values, our finances and depending on what house the moon and Taurus sit in, within your chart, that is the area of most important or where the priorities lay now

As we enter this Full moon, your focus may be on your material needs, your values, your possession and your finances. Taurus rules money, this is a fab day for organising your finances and resources. Look at how resourceful you can be now, where does the moon shine its influence now? 

 Start by looking over your budgets and planning your security but also those new purchases you may have had your eye on, remember though it’s all about being sensible with the Taurean influence. Taking control over your finances will allow you to feel more secure and the influence is just right for that planetary assistance now. your life. 

You may be looking at your health, especially if you have overindulged recently and with the festivities coming up too you may want to get in shape. 

Have you fallen off the exercise wagon? Now would be a good time to realise this, be accountable for your actions and do something about it

This is a great time to think about what is at your core, your beliefs and values, what makes you really tick and what doesn’t. What is important to you, where is your heart at. What is going to make you content and rich in life

Remember to stay grounded through any changes

You could be looking at yourself, asking where you have been over obsessing, overeating, overprotective, over stubborn? All typical Taurean traits. Don’t beat yourself up too much though, this is a time of realisation and nurturing not beating yourself up. Just become aware if it has gone a step too far, pay attention to your own insecurities and needs and find your own way of being kinder in these situations

The positive influence of this fabulous Taurus full moon is that you can pamper yourself till your hearts content! Taurus love being sensual, they love gorgeous things, they have no problem indulging in beautiful ways that make them feel the super special people they are. So take a note out of their book and treat yourself to a little you time over the next few days. Spending time in nature, reconnecting to mother earth and being snuggled up with loved ones, are all fabulous ways to embrace this Full moon.

We also have an eclipse with this full moon, this lets you know there is a great shift coming leading to a break through. You may be feeling very restless and impatient, but the energy is extremely powerful and beneficial in the long run. Helping you release negative blocks and raising your vibration. 

Being opposite Scorpio, you could be looking at getting a better balance with your emotions and your practical side. As with most full moons, emotions run high but you can control that or let things go with the practical side of Taurus.

Now I am a typical Taurus and as I write this I can see so many things that I can relate too! This is through a positive time though and I for sure feel very settled, in control and at peace with where things are right now.

Earth signs, Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo plus the water signs , Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces will find this an easier time, while, the other sign may find it a little more challenging.

On my Alter I will have symbols of the Taurus Bull, green candles and the tarot cards for what I want to release and where I want my energies to be cantered on next. Ruled by Venus I will have rose quartz crystal and emerald green colours for my May birthstone. I will choose some personnel items that reflect my values and family.

The Tarot card connected to Taurus is the Hierophant. In some decks the pope. This card represents, conforming, following a particular belief system. Not rocking the boat. Order and groups or communities particularly with a religious or spiritual theme. Often this card comes up when someone is seeking guidance from a spiritual leader or wanting direction in the form of rules and regulations and order.

The Hierophant suggest rules, regulations, tradition and honour are important values right now. Doing things in a  conventional way, not rocking the boat and bringing order to situations. It can represent marriage in an arranged setup. A spiritual teacher or guidance will connect with this card also. Someone who will help in teaching an orthodox structured way of learning. 

This card is great after upheavals as it shows order will be resumed

The Hierophant can mean very different things which makes it a hard card for understanding sometimes. Depending where it falls in the spread would have an indication as to what side of the card is represented. Your own faiths and believe system would also come into thought too.

 The Hierophant card represents an established set of spiritual values and beliefs, ones that may strongly connect to religion and groups/associations. Learning the basics and foundations. 

Spiritual quests or path ways are often associated with the Hierophant, Working with an authority figure or becoming one depending. Formal study, formal learning and placing order in things you are about to undertake. Conventional wisdom 

You may already be the teacher or seeking to be one, one that is respected and honours tradition, one that is willing to share in a formal orthodox way 

This is not the time to start new things, or have new ways of thinking. The tried and tested ways are the best at this time. By keeping to the rules and regulations its not only a safe bet but also a better chance of success. 

The Hierophant  can talk about family traditions such as marriage, naming ceremony or family traditions and  spiritual practices that involve groups and organisations.  

Being part of something that involves a community, or group, especially spiritual or where a strong faith is connected. Being part of an institution, enjoying the security and comfort that surrounds a well-established system already in place will be of importance, It could be something  small or big here  

When the hierophant card appears in reading you can be looking at working or being part of groups and organisations. You will be looking to follow rules and regulations now and following advice. This is not text item to shake things up or upset the cart. If things have been chaotic of Late, the hierophant can welcome calm and a return to normal through discipline

There may be inspirations form religious connections and spiritual helpers now. The hierophant teaches us to recognise or higher potential and true value.

Questions to ask your tarot cards

*Full moon energy around you now

*How can you be less Stubborn

*How can you feel more secure

*Transformation to welcome

*Best way to indulge your life

*Where do you need to be more practical now

*What does your body need

Mystic Blessings

Kate May




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