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Full Moon in Virgo

Full moon in Virgo

The March full moon is called the Full Worm Moon because it’s the time of year when worms become active again. Another name according to the Farmer’s almanac it is also known as the Full Crow Moon gets its name from the Native American tradition of calling the full moon after the crow’s caw.

things to do on the full moon in Virgo.

Release what no longer serves you

Release Your Fears

Detox yourself Mind, body, and soul- A nice full moon bath soak is perfect for this! Add some moon water and quartz to your bath for a boost.


As every full moon, we see an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves, what has not worked out for you and what is holding us back.

This full moon highlights our health, our daily working lives, and our self-care.

Virgo is an earth sign, so this full moon will be more in harmony with earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. This can be a highly emotional time, now so keep grounded and be realistic with your energies.

This is a fabulous time for being organised, and resourceful now, using your practical resources to help maximise your fullest potential.

We are headed into a time of collective “death and rebirth” themes in multiple areas.

Naturally an active and practical sign that loves to tidy, keep things neat and clean and be organised. As a full moon, associated with clearing away and letting go, you may indeed be ready to clear away some bull shit now!

 This is a great time to de clutter your home and your life! Remember though we still have the Pisces energy influence so some of our intentions may go off in a dream world, because the Sun is in the sign of Pisces, this is a time when you’ll get lost in your thoughts and find yourself dreaming about the future. The energy of this Full Moon helps us balance this out by bringing us back to reality and showing us how we can make these fantasies a reality. March 2023 paves the way for some of the most transformative cosmic events of the year. By the end of the month, we are likely to have faced change, healing, and the welcoming of new opportunities. March 7th will be our light!

March is a game changer month including SATURN moving in PISCES (3 years) less than an hour after this full moon. After three years in Aquarius, Saturn moves into the ethereal sign of Pisces, the first of two major shifts in the month of March, followed by Pluto changing signs into Aquarius on the 23rd of March after spending 15 years in the sign of Capricorn. It is one of the biggest cosmic events of 2023! There is great healing potential on the planet right now through the Earth, the Light & the Sea’s,  in ways that we have never known before. The more we release & open to the new, the more we can receive the Magic of these new & profound energies now available on the planet.

This is the beginning of a pivotal shift as Saturn the Lord of karma

Can you feel the exciting winds of change? It feels almost palpable, exciting possibilities are just within reach.

As Saturn crosses the bridge, from the last degree of Aquarius to zero degrees of Pisces, we too, collectively leave the past behind as we cross the bridge into a new world.

The Point of 0 degrees is a supercharged, critical degree in astrology, a reboot and rebirth, that initiates a new and important cycle.

The Zero point is where everything is available for manifestation, and nothing is impossible. All possibilities exist at once.

Let your dreams take flight!

Falling in the sign of Virgo, the March Full Moon will feel like a tonic, like an elixir that is specially crafted just for us to help us navigate all that this month is destined to bring. The winds of change are bringing hope, exciting new possibilities, and new horizons.

Mars in Gemini makes a challenging aspect to both the Sun and the Moon, as if to urge us on symbolically to cross the bridge, loose our fears and take the leap of faith by embracing the new.

The tense energy of Mars gives great initiative to act and embrace change. A lack of acting and resistance could result in feeling unsettled as well as irritability. What areas of your life have you put on hold for far too long? How long has your t do list been waiting for your attention?

When we consciously harness the power and give it direction, major breakthroughs are possible, and a evolutionary leap forward.

Both the Full Moon and Mars in Gemini are ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger. Mercury rules the mind, and we may feel a sense of restlessness, our minds buzzing with many different ideas, options, and new possibilities.

A Full Moon is a time of culmination and with Mars in a tense aspect it can almost feel as if a volcano is about to erupt as we are on the precipice of making a breakthrough. Mars in Gemini the butterfly of the zodiac, urges us to take flight, fly free and leave any heaviness behind.

Your wings are ready.

The magic of the Jupiter-Venus conjunction is still working strong in the fire sign of Aries, opening the door to unlimited opportunities in love and life. We just need the courage to walk through the door.

Mars in Gemini square the Full Moon and Neptune in Pisces, urges us to let go of our delusions and fear, so that we can make better decisions based on courage.

Mars in Gemini can make things can feel as if everything is moving so fast and at the same time there may be many choices, possibilities and opportunities presented to us, with decisions to be made.

With so much excitement and nervous energy we need to take time out at this Full Moon and tap into the calming, peaceful waters of the Sun and Neptune in Pisces and find within ourselves an inner Safe Haven, peace and sanctuary.

The Virgo Full Moon will be our medicine, delivering exactly what is needed at this stage of our soul’s evolution.

You could feel like you want to give up on bad healthy habits like smoking or drinking too much. Maybe taking an exercise class. This full moon activates the vibe to literally spring clean your life now. Finish work or home projects, finalise edits and complete thing. Go through your wardrobe, your friends list, your social media and get rid of anything that does not serve you now, including in your mind, what’s been cluttering your mind that you want to be rid of now.

This full moon helps you come back down to earth, to deal with practical matters.  

We are moving towards the spring equinox and Aries season, so a whole new chapter is awaiting us, with this full moon, releasing what no longer you on a personnel level, making yourself a priority, and looking after your health, including mental health as Virgo is ruled by mercury, our mental communication.

You could ask yourself, are you the best version you can be? If not, what could you do to improve yourself. Virgos can be super critical not just of others, but also of themselves, so be mindful you don’t beat yourself up too much.

Virgo connects to the 6th house in Astrology, which represents health, daily work and the duty care of others. Bringing attention to all these areas. Look in your own astrology chart to see where Virgo sits, what house/life needs a clean-up!

Virgo likes to make a difference, so you could find that your energy is moved towards how you make a difference in your life plus other people’s lives.

You may be called to be of service now.

Virgo tarot card the hermit

The Hermit card talks about reflection, looking within or looking back in the past, seeing situations that you have overcome or where there is introspection needed. Looking within for answers. A time to do meditation and taking a step back to reflect on your own purpose and desires.

You may be looking to get advice from someone wise and experienced now. The Hermit represents time out for inner truth, reflection, and quietness.

When the Hermit card appears in a reading, it is saying the time has come for a quiet period. It can be a very spiritual card, with deep inner knowing and meditation to gain more clarification, self-discovery, and realisation.

Retreats, spas, breaks away, anything that takes you away from the usual situations. Whatever is going on around you right now, you may want to withdraw and be alone until you work things out in a clearer way. 

 Working alone, journeying alone, doing things for your own inner growth and soul searching. This is not the best card for partnerships or teamwork. Rather you will find yourself first than reach out to others.

The Hermit card appears when you maybe in need of a new direction. A time to think about what you have locked away. Your hopes and dreams can now be reached for their full potential.

Priorities may now change as you head in a new direction, but your true spirit and those hopes and dreams can start to become reality.

The Hermit card can appear when you feel left out or lonely. You are left on your own way too much to think and ponder. This deflects the wishes and desires you have within you as you are thinking about the negative effect of being on your own or left out. 

Numerology – 9 – Humanitarianism, brining light into other worlds. Duty to care for others and a wider vision of the world.

Astrology: Virgo – Practical, Grounded, Precise, Perfection

Crystal – Sapphire and blue tourmaline – Supporting the journey to find yourself, Self-knowledge, and inner workings. Also, spiritual clarity and discrimination

Archangel – Archangel Raziel – Teacher of secrets and inner wisdom

Tarot Spread for Full Moon in Virgo

*What does your health need right now

*What to let go

*What needs organising

*De clutter messages

*How to stay grounded & focused

*Virgo tarot message  

full moon in Virgo



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