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Full Moon in Virgo Tarot Spread

Full Moon In Virgo

Full moon in Virgo

As every full moon, we see an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves, what has not worked out for you and what is holding us back

This full moon highlights our health, our daily working lives and our self-care.

Virgo is an earth sign, so this full moon will be more in harmony with earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. This can be a highly emotional time, now so keep grounded and be realistic with your energies. This is a fabulous time for being organised, and resourceful now, using your practical resources to help maximise your fullest potential

Naturally an active and practical sign that loves to tidy, keep things neat and clean and be organised. As a full moon, associated with clearing away and letting go, you may indeed be ready to clear away some bull shit now!

 This is a great time to de clutter your home and your life! Remember though we still have the Pisces energy influence so some of our intentions may go off in a dream world

You could feel like you want to give up on bad healthy habits like smoking or drinking too much. Maybe taking an exercise class. This full moon activates the vibe to literally spring clean your life now. Finish  work or home projects, finalise edits and complete thing. Go through your wardrobe, your friends list, your social media and get rid of anything that does not serve you now, including in your mind, what’s been cluttering your mind that you want to be rid of now

This full moon helps you come back down to earth, to deal with practical matters.  

We are moving towards the spring equinox and Aries season, so a whole new chapter is awaiting us, with this full moon, releasing what no longer you on a personnel level, making yourself a priority, and looking after your health, including mental health as Virgo is ruled by mercury, our mental communication

You could ask yourself, are you the best version you can be? If not, what could you do to improve yourself. Virgos can be super critical not just of others, but also of themselves, so be mindful you don’t beat yourself up too much.

Virgo connects to the 6th house in Astrology, which represents health, daily work and the duty care of others. Bringing attention to all these areas. Look in your own astrology chart to see where Virgo sits, what house/life needs a clean up!

Virgo likes to make a difference, so you could find that your energy is moved towards how you make a difference in your life plus other people’s lives.

You may be called to be of service now

Virgo tarot card the hermit

The Hermit card talks about reflection, looking within or looking back in the past, seeing situations that you have over come or where there is introspection needed. Looking within for answers. A time to do meditation and taking a step back to reflect on your own purpose and desires.

You may be looking to get advice from someone wise and experienced now. The Hermit represents time out for inner truth, reflection and quietness.

When the Hermit card appears in a reading, it is saying the time has come for a quiet period. It can be a very spiritual card, with deep inner knowing and meditation to gain more clarification, self discovery and realisation. Retreats, spas, breaks away, anything that takes you away from the usual situations. Whatever is going on around you right now, you may want to withdraw and be alone until you work things out in a clearer way. 

 Working alone, journeying alone, doing things for your own inner growth and soul searching. This is not the best card for partnerships or teamwork. Rather you will find yourself first than reach out to others.

The Hermit card appears when you maybe in need of a new direction. A time to think about what you have locked away. Your hopes and dreams can now be reached for their full potential.

Priorities may now change as you head in a new direction, but your true spirit and those hopes and dreams can start to become reality.

The Hermit card can appear when you feel left out or lonely. You are left on your own way too much to think and ponder. This deflects the wishes and desires you have within you as you are thinking about the negative effect of being on your own or left out. 

Numerology – 9 – Humanitarianism, brining light into others worlds. Duty to care for others and a wider vision of the world

Astrology: Virgo – Practical, Grounded, Precise, Perfection

Crystal – Sapphire and blue tourmaline – Supporting the journey to find yourself, Self-knowledge and inner workings. Also spiritual clarity and discrimination

Archangel – Archangel Raziel – Teacher of secrets and inner wisdom

Tarot Spread for Full Moon in Virgo

*What does your health need right now

*What to let go

*What needs organising

*De clutter message

*How to stay grounded & Focused

*Virgo tarot message  




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