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Full & Super Moon in Virgo February 19th

This is the strongest super moon of 2019! The emphases for this full moon will be on realising your potential, and unlimited opportunities. Bringing fullest your potential within. Especially within work or goal orientated ideas. Giving you the chance to see things outside the box and from different angles. Gaining new perspectives beyond that of your ego. Allowing us to see what we need to let go off. Letting go and becoming aware of repeated patterns, over thinking, fears and concerns.

Especially good for Taurus, Virgos and Capricorns

As I am a Taurus, with a Capricorn ascendant I should find this quite settling after a period of in betweenie feeling! My Alter will have a to do list to complete my tasks that have been bothering me for a while, and a large crystal for clarification. I will also have a few Tarot cards chosen to suit, plus the hermit Tarot card that connects to virgo. As work is important to me, now is a really good chance to tie up some loose ends and finish what I have half started! I need to pay extra attention to a few things, plus this weekend I am actually away on a training course, improving my ability’s so this couldn’t have come at a better time. And I happen to know the tutor is a virgo!

As we go through this Full moon, you may become more aware of work goals, and of the areas you are most critical. You should start to feel a little more motivated within these ares to actually do something about whats been running through your mind of late. Its not always the big goals we are looking to aspire too, with this full moon, we get a chance to look at the nitty gritty, the small but impending things, or ideas,. We can look at the finer detail, where we need to put our attention and focus into to get the bigger picture ideal without being overwhelmed.

Virgo is an analytical, meticulous and practical sun sign, those born under this sign using critical thinking in everyday life. Virgo is also known as the sign of work and duty, Virgos being considered the best employees a boss might ever want.

This full moon in Virgo can bring more exciting opportunities, one that might make you feel excited again. Anything which may have confused or depressed you will seem to come together and make sense. It can allow you to have more restored faith in your current process and give you more confidence to attain your longer term goals.

Super Moons occur when the Moon is closer to Earth, and on February 19th, the Moon will be at its closest point all year

February’s Full Moon is going to help with realising our potential and also the potential around us, encouraging a more practical and down to earth approach to be able to achieve things

Since the January Eclipses, many people have experienced many changes, sometimes awe are pulled into different belief systems, different areas, different people, while this may not always be a comfortable change, we do have to trust that the universe knows what its doing!

The Virgo influence will help a more earthly approach to such changes and realisations

As with all full moons, usually something will come to light, something that may have been hidden will now be exposed. Under the influence of virgo, this could be hidden thoughts, hidden details and hidden fears. This allows us to go into the new moon in a few weeks, fresh and free from fear.

As virgo connects to Health, on a physical level, this Full Moon may also shine on your health. If you have not been looking after yourself, or if you have been ignoring any lingering symptoms, it is going to be important to take action around this Full Moon.

The Tarot card that connects to Virgo, is that of the Hermit. The Hermit, looks within himself, he goes deep within to search for his answers, A brilliant reminda of meditation and the time to reflect, looking at our hopes and dreams, seeing what we have been holding back onto, allowing this period of reflection to seek out what we want to bring to fullness into our next stages of life. If you feel like shutting yourself away do so, but only to search and find what details you need to fully bloom!




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