Kate May Modern Day Mystic

Welcome to Gemini Season! 

Key words

Positive – Twins – Communication – Adaptable – humour – intelligent 

Negative – Indecisive – Gossipy – 2 faced – detached 

The Sign of Gemini represented by the twin symbol, is the 3rd sign of the zodiac when the Sun enters its sign on May 22 – June 21st. 

Gemini governs communication, intellect and gossip!  

As air sign they are deep thinkers and have an intellect that many struggle to achieve. Usually technically minded, they are lively, fun to be around mostly, and ruled by the planet mercury, they can talk their way out of a paper bag! As a twin sign, they have the double edge on that and can be gossipy and Moody 

Gemini are one of the liveliest of all the Air signs. They have a young carefree nature are curious and open to taking risks. Not the best to pin down or give commitment though, a little fickle and scatty they could drive even the calmest person crazy! 

Often misunderstood as two-faced, they simply see both sides of everything and find it incredibly difficult to make choices and decisions 

They can be hyperactive and have short attention spans. They enjoy learning new things 

One of the hardest signs to understand, but also one of the most likeable. Fun and with a great sense of humour, In a good mood they are charming but in a bad mood they are moody and rather annoying. Easily pleased but just as easily bored, and are quick to move on, without even a second thought.

Not one to hang around in an argument, but if pressed they can twist the argument and make you wish you hadn’t started it! 

They can quickly move on to different subjects including people. 

Their wit makes them great at sociable events, unless they are not in the mood- everything swings one or the other with Gemini, there is no middle ground. 

Gemini is the sign of the twins, and duality which means it’s a great time to find balance between our subconscious and conscious mins as well as out human journey and soul journey 

This seasons energy 

Communication – listen to others and talk through your emotions 

Balance – Find balance in Earthly and Spiritual life

Be flexible – Adapt to situations accordingly 

Be smart – Think outside the box and use your intellect to solve problems 

Reconnect with friends – Make dates to see your friends and neighbours 

Tarot card –  Lovers 

Element – Air

Crystal – Citrine & Amber 

Herbs – Dill, Lavender, Parsley

Metal – Quick silver, Mercury 

Colour – Yellow, light green

Planet – Mercury 

Symbol -Twins 

Body – Arms, lungs, hands and nervous system