Tarot Card Reading

General Tarot Reading £30

Do you need clarity right now?

Have questions about your future?

Book a general reading to get clarity on your life right now. Ask questions direct to the tarot cards for guidance and how to work through situations or insight into how things could end up!

How you ask the  questions to the cards is supper important. Please don’t assume the cards will make your decision  This is why some readings are misguided or incorrect. We work out the right way to ask your desires for example, will my book be successful? This may not give a direct yes or no answer but asking how will my book be a success will give you the guidance needed.

I work using the meanings of each card in particular positions,  along with my intuition and experience to give you this clarification and knowledge.

To book a year ahead month by month forecast click here.

I see so many clients that come in feeling confused, out of sorts and well, quite frankly in a pickle! After just one tarot session they have all they need to see things clearly and  make the right choices.

      *Want to see what’s going on right now in your life

      *Where the challenges are?

      *How you can overcome them

      * What’s in-store for the future?

      *How can I overcome my challenges

      *What do I need to know now

      *What is my best cause of action

                                 Here’s the fun part!

 We get to use a mixture of the cards from the major and minor deck, once you have shuffled and put your energy into the cards, I choose each card that is to be placed in a particular position, allowing me to read the situation around you, using my intuition and tarot knowledge checking in on your challenges, what is of an influence around you, your current position in the situation, your near  future, and the outcome. That’s right I get super nosey and wanna tune in to it all!  This allows me to clarify and home in on the situation surrounding you.

Cards in hand

For some of you, you may want me to home in on your love life? To check out what’s going on with your relationships? Or into work, looking into what’s the best direction for you? Or perhaps your money has been terribly tight and you want some answers there.

                   Areas I can look into

*Love life





While it can be done, what I don’t do is look at other people’s lives on their behalf while I’m doing your reading. I have lost count of the people asking me to look at their Aunt Fannys nephews brothers cards while they are 100 miles away.  Similar I won’t look at peoples cards without their permission, I believe it is an invasion of privacy,  unethical and often misguided and certainly unhealthy

Which spread should you choose?

There are many different spreads we can use to get it right and personnel for you.

A general tarot reading with me will see whats going on now and whats coming up with insight and and guidance from the cards and psychic information. We will look at how to overcome your challenges, Outside influence, your mind set possible outcomes of current situations with your questions.  To book this click here.

A 12 month year ahead  forecast will look at each month for the year ahead plus the areas connected to the astrological wheel over the next 12 months including home life, love life, money work and more! To see more and book this click here.

For other spreads available as email readings only such as  moon season spreads, astrology readings, angel cards or specific area spreads, click here.


Mediumship & Psychometry Readings

Mediumship Readings will be linked into the Tarot readings as and when the information comes through but as with all readings, nothing is guaranteed. Mediumship is when a loved one in spirit will impress upon me information to pass on to my sitter, this can be done via clairvoyance, Claire sentience and other Claire senses depending.

Some people love to bring a photo or jewellery in that belonged to someone who has died for psychometry readings. As good as I am, Mediumship links cannot be guaranteed

Book a party!

Why not have a Tarot party, I don’t drive but I have my broom stick if your local, Im happy to come out to your home, with my cards and work my magic! I see each person individually for around 20-25 minutes. I ask for a separate room to the party so each reading is done in private confidently.  Some people lay on a spread for their guests and enjoy some alcohol which is fine, but too much is disrespectful, so, I won’t see anyone that appears to be intoxicated,  So, please do not have too many alcoholic drinks before a reading. You want to remember your reading after all!

Cards and candles

What if you cannot get to me?

Not sure you can make it face to face? No worries, I offer Phone, Zoom on-line, email and Skype readings, whether Tarot or Angel cards to do the reading for you usually within 5 working days if you require this sooner please message me directly first.
I have read for many clients this way with very accurate results just as though they were having a face to face reading.

Vouchers are available for gifts of any kind and can come in whichever price bracket you wish.

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