45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Hands With wingssMy birthday is in May so it’s a very special month as I believe in big celebrations for birthdays. Each Angel has a unique energy guidance providing assistance towards our higher good l, each of us will have a unique angel that will stay with us until we pass over, helping to guide us along our pathway and protecting us from harm and danger. If it is our path way that we should encounter challenges to learn our lessons as some will have to do this the hard way, then our guardian angel will help smooth the challenge or make it as less challenging as possible for our soul. Our guardian angel’s most important job is to bring our soul back home to heaven. It is your body that dies and sheds like a shell, but your soul lives forever and eternity.

My guardian Angel is called Seth; he came to me in a meditation when I sat in a mediumship development circle.
At first I couldn’t believe he would a normal name and dismissed it, wanting a more angelic unusual name but time and time again I kept hearing his name and now accept him fully. I call upon him regularly to help me, when I don’t call him I hear his name repeated over and over to remind me he is there. As I now know from my own guardian angel, Angels do not always have angelic sounding names, we don’t all have to have names given to us such as ‘Gabriel or Uriel’, the name is what you will feel comfortable with and will usually be confirmed to you in unusual ways, such as seeing the name on a vehicle or hearing the name several times in one day.

You need only to listen to your heart and intuition and you will ‘know’ who they are, it is not important to know their name but many including me felt I wanted to familiarise with them by knowing their name, you can ask for the name if you really need to know it, one way is to use a meditation to ask, but even simpler is just before you go to sleep, ask for the name of your guardian angel to come to you and that the first thing that you remember in the morning will be your guardian angels name.
As well as a guardian angel there is also angel for each zodiac sign and month this month’s zodiac sign starts in Taurus, Taureans love the pleasures of life. They crave the security and comfort of relaxing in the warmth of their home environment which they usually have perfected to suit their luxurious taste.

They value the senses and the enjoyment of material things. Hard workers with a lot of patience, and a strong focus on getting what they want. They make great healers and nurses, are very in tune with themselves and are very kind and loyal.
The Angel for Taurus , angel lord of the bull, inspiring practicality, firmness and physical comfort while bringing peace and joy in nature

May time is the start of our English summer, we have many celebrations going back hundreds of years ago with Beltane and may day, traditions of celebrations without door parties dancing around the may poll, more recently we have 2 bank holidays in may which usually consist of family time away or celebrating a day with friends and family.

The Angel for May is called Ambriel and is the Angel of patience, also known as the angel od protection inspiring us with clear communication and awaken our consciousness towards finding the inner truth and clarity.
As with all angelic connections, it is important to meditate regularly or as much as you allow to bring deepen the communication and connections.

Set aside 30 minutes switch off all other communications and disturbances, sit or lie in a comfortable place breathing in deeply and slowly through your nose and out through your mouth until you feel relaxed. Imagine your body being filled with your favorite colour, filling every breath and every cell in your body before feeling or seeing it turn a soft light violet, repeat to yourself three times I am safe and protected with the divine light and my guardian angel. See if a name comes in here if not don’t force it just go with the positive energies surrounding you. As the light swirls around you repeat three times I am loved unconditionally I have clear boundaries I release past negative experiences and all negative thoughts. Stay in this peaceful place for as few moments let the energy flow and guide you to where you need to be hearing and messages or feeling any connections. Feel the light swirling from at when you started your feet to your head now and thank your guardian angel for their guidance and messages. Bring yourself back to the room, notice your breath once again and bring your awareness back, ground yourself by clapping or stamping your feet or walking barefoot outside in the garden.
Angel Card of the month
King of Earth – Generous professional responsible and practical
A successful time is coming around you; accept with confidence opportunities that you are offered.
King of your castle, your surroundings is becoming more comfortable with the success you are having. Business news or material matters are in good favour now and good advice linked to these from an older wiser person should be listened too. Abundance is near if you are practical and stay grounded. Enjoy this time




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