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How to cleanse your tarot cards

I get asked a lot by my students and newbie tarot readers “how should I cleanse my tarot cards”

Everyone is different, and there is no set way in my opinion. I Cleanse mine using different methods depending on my mood. I love to use crystals. I find having a couple in my tarot bag works in between cleanses. I like to use clear quartz the master healer and cleanser and amethyst which aids in removing unwanted energy.

How you cleanse your cards is right for you

If I am doing back to back readings at parties or throughout the day at my shop, I simply shuffle in-between with the intent of removing the last persons energy and say a little private prayer over them to support this. You can make up any prayer or words that come naturally to you for this. Visualising white light flowing around or whatever lights come natural to you. Take a few moments to breathe deeply, connecting to the cards, refresh them and infuse them with your own powerful energy. Using your 3rd eye to open up, working along with your guides or deity’s to assist this. This for me works for quick cleanses. 

With any prayer or affirmations, I find they are more powerful if they come from your own heart.

Each full moon and sometimes new moon, I will either put them on the window seal or if I know it will be a dry night, I will leave outside allowing the moons energy to re charge them again with my intents. I do this for my crystals also.

In between readings, I place crystals on my decks charging them in preparation. Rose quartz I find lovely on my angel cards, green adventurine or jade  on my main working deck.

Crystals carry a specific energy,  I find clear quartz will cleanse any un wanted stale energy, amethyst will amplify intuition and psychic energy into the cards and aid the removal of negative vibes, . Dark stones such as tigers eye or hematite will absorb negative energies and green crystals promote abundance and any healing needed. You can place the crystal on top of the cards and then cover with a cloth before leaving to let the magic work.

Another way is sound clearing. Sound is a super powerful way to clear energy. Singing bowls, drumming, bells, music, rattles any instrument really that gives a pleasant vibration will shift and re centre, balancing the energies of  your tarot cards. Raising the vibes and removing unwanted clutter!

Sea salt is an old traditional method used to cleanse tarot cards. Purifying and protecting the cards energies reviving them each time. Be prepared for a little messy! Wrap your cards up in a sealed water proof bag and bury in a sealed tight container of sea salt, double check no moisture can get in. Leave the cards here for a few days or a week, great around a full or new moon, before taking out and disposing of the salt safely. The salt will hold the unwanted energy absorbed from the cards so get be sure to get rid of this.

Remember,  your intent is your most strongest supper power!

Using herbal leaves such as bay leaves, which are known for their magical properties will aid your tarot card cleanse in another way. They are said to ward off evil spirits however that’s not something I’m into. They have a strong healing purpose and protection element, while also enhancing your psychic abilities. If you choose this method, you can wrap your cards in bay leaves with your intent and leave them for a few days.

Similar use is that of  herbal cleansing, creating a blend of protection and cleansing herbs such as sage, palo santo, rosemary and ones like lavender, mug wort or juniper which will support your sixth sense senesce and clear any unwanted energies, you can also use incense sticks in the same way, although for me natural herbs have a little more power behind them. Let the smoke waft through the cards, as a whole and individual cards. I like to open my from door and back door for this way, letting in the positive vibes and out the unwanted one.

Remember,  your intent is your most strongest supper power!

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