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Imbolc Tarot Spread


I love this time of year, as we come out of dreary January, and move into February, even though we know it’s still winter there is a new vibe in the air. We can start to see a few shoots sprouting up from the ground giving us a glimmer of new life and hope. Nature has a fabulous way of showing us how to be.

Imbolc is a sabbat which marks the middle point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, A time giving us hope to create what we hope to bring in for the rest of the year. Fertile and pure energy now, a magical manifestation(harvest) time

The days are slowly getting longer and the light shines a little longer, raising our energy enough for the new seeds for what we want to grow start to show their potential. A powerful and magical time to nurture our desires.

The Goddess Bridgit Brigid  connects to Imbolc, she is the goddess of arts and craft, healing, inspiration, divination and alchemy. She inspires us to be creative with what we have The goddess of water and fire, and connected to the cauldron and the forge, She governs practical work and home matters. February 2nd is a day sacred to Brigid, celebrating the first signs of spring and new growth after the winter months. To welcome the waters thawing from ice and the sun warming up the land

Patience, nurture and time are needed now. nothing can be forced or rushed, and if so the desired outcome may not be sweet enough. Let nature take its course now on all your dreams. Tend to the inner you, what lays beneath that surface.

Use prayer. Meditation, singing, time in nature, connecting with like minded others. Anything that feels right for your souls growth now. This is the start of a beautiful creative journey

Imbolc Tarot Spread

*What is thawing for you

*New growth to attend

*Hope to come

*Changes for the season

*Brigid message for you




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