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Interview with David Wells for Silent Voices Magazine


Kate has interviewed many top Mediums, here is her intervene with Astrologer David wells in 2015


David Wells

With successful television appearances on programmes such as Your Stars, Jane Goldman Investigates, Big Brother, Fame Academy, RI:SE, GMTV, Heaven on Earth and Most Haunted.
He is an outstanding astrologer, past life therapist, author, teacher and presenter whose unique sense of humour and vibrant personality captivates audiences far and wide.David is a columnist with NOW and Fate and Fortune and is the astrologer for The Scottish Daily Record and Spirit and Destiny magazine.

1. Can you tell us what it is you’re doing now work wise?

I am currently working on my year ahead astrology for 2015 and setting up a past life regression workshop as well as trying very hard to increase my online content, workshops etc.

2. The Samsara Om – what does this mean and what does it involve?

Samsara means continuous flow, the Om makes it personal so it’s meant to remind us that we do indeed constantly and continually flow, to allow energy to move with and around us. The group meets in Emsworth on the last Thursday of the month, is open to anyone and it’s really a chance to relax, to meditate and to explore new subjects in a friendly environment. I am hoping to add guest speakers soon too, local speakers who can then provide their own services here in the South.

3. Do you use astrology in your daily life and when making choices?

I use bigger moves of the planets, not a day to day thing for me really, but I will consult my chart if there’s something specific I am working on or want to know the best time to start a new project. As I write most days I manage to keep ahead of what’s coming up, when writing yearly copy for example I know what the strongest theme of the year is likely to be.

4. What is the best thing about your work?

It allows me to be my own boss and that gives me the freedom to plan my own schedule and be mindful of my own energy. I can write when I am in the right space, rest when I have to and hopefully keep the panic down for deadlines. The best part of my work however is seeing how it can positively affect others, how they make changes in their own lives as they see just how powerful they are, love that moment.

5. Have you any spooky or unusual stories you can share from your ghost hunt days?

Most people have seen Pendle Hill or the Salmesbury Hall experiences, they had some challenging moments but really I haven’t done much on the Paranormal front since then; teaching and writing take up a lot of my time and energy.

6. Are there and books or courses you would recommend?

There are some great teachers and books out there but really it’s up to the individual to first choose what subjects they are interested in, then find a course that suits them. There are some great people bringing authors and speakers into communities, I go to Naked Dragon in Chertsey and Conscious Living in Bournemouth, both run by passionate individuals who know their stuff. Books that have inspired me aren’t necessarily spiritual titles or all that modern; one of my favourites is Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, the reflections of a Roman Emperor that are still relevant today.

7. How important is meditation to you?

It’s a daily practice, sometimes active when I walk the dog, sometimes a bit more formal and sometimes full on major path workings to bring energy and change into my life. It’s the line to higher consciousness, so very important.

8. Where do you see yourself in the next coming months/years within this field of work?

It will unfold, I would like Samsara Om to move into Portsmouth as well as Emsworth, perhaps further afield and on-line work is likely to increase too. But step by step, day by day!

9. Do you have plans to do more courses or bring out any more books next year?

No books planned at the moment, I am waiting for inspiration and really don’t want to just churn out a book for the sake of it, needs to be waiting to be written, to keep me awake at night until it is and that’s not happening yet. There will be more courses, I am already booked up for a few in 2015 and some of my own to be announced, trying to do one every six weeks or so but as it’s only me it takes time finding venues etc.

10. How do you like to chill out and relax and how would your friends describe you?

I walk my dog; meet friends for coffee and pretty much spend the rest of my downtime at home, maybe working on the house. Nothing madly exciting to be honest.

11. In a few words can you sum up your philosophy?

Never be so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good.

12. Whose astrology chart have you found most interesting in the public eye?

I really don’t discuss people’s charts and don’t look at celebrity charts that often, sometimes I’m asked for magazines etc but really, they aren’t any different to the rest of us! We all have interesting charts, there’s always something great to discover.

13. How long have you been doing past life and astrology work?

I first started training here in Portsmouth in the early 1990’s so a very long time, but about 15 years professionally.

14. Can you describe your most memorable past life experience?

They all bear some relevance to this incarnation, which is of course their purpose. One that comes back time and time again however is when I was a monk in Italy, a traveller really and I loved the freedom it gave me. I owned nothing, I was fed by those I passed along the way, those I prayed with and listened to, but had no attachment to anything. Trying to keep life that simple is a lesson, it’s not easy in a modern world but I do come back to the feeling, the emotion of his existence and remind myself to be in the world but not of it.

15. What happens during a past life experience?

Have one and find out! It’s a wonderful experience where your soul communicates with you, it gives up some of it’s teachings and answers questions you may have in the here and now by reminding you of who you truly are.
The process is a very simple meditation, but the reality is your guides, angelic helpers and your own spiritual self-step up and bring you these messages. You get them, not the therapist, you see it, you feel it and you know it, for me that’s the most important thing. I don’t tell you anything, you find out for yourself. Afterwards the information you received is validated by it’s arrival in your life, you can find dates, understand your soul groups and hopefully make changes in your life for the positive. It is magical.

16. How are you spending Christmas this year?

I will be in Scotland with my family, walking the dog in the forest in the morning, eating in the afternoon and playing silly games and eating more food in the evening.




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