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Interview with Kyle Grey for Silent Voices magazine by Kate May

Kyle Gray

Kate has had the pleasure of interviewing some of the top mediums for Silent Voices magazine, here she talks with Angle expert Kyle grey in 2015

At on 26 Kyle is an Angel Expert with a difference! Tattooed and from Scotland, Kyle likes to bring a laid back approach to spirit. With his new Angel Prayer techniques that miraculously work – he’ll get you hanging out with your Guardian Angels in no time. This Yoga loving dude was woken up to the spiritual world at just four years old when he saw and communicated with his passed Grandmother.Now Kyle dedicates his life to helping other people crack open their psychic eyes to the angels with his workshops and books.Kyle is the author of Angel Prayers & The Angel Whisperer.

1. How did you know that you had mediumistic abilities, and did you have any experiences when you were a child?I didn’t know I was in touch with the afterlife as a kid. I was just like any regular wee boy having fun and enjoying himself. I was always nosy and I always liked to know what was happening around me. I remember that I would have conversations with people’s dogs and chat away to them – it was fun. It was the adults that were spooked out though because the ‘doggies’ I could see would have died 10 years earlier – it made people’s hairs stand on end.The experience that really woke up my mum was when I was just 4. After a long battle with lymphoma cancer, my wee nana was moved into the hospital. The same night a neighbour babysat me as my parents stayed at her side. Through the night I woke up and she mysteriously came home and she was better. Her face was glowing with life and her cheeks were rosy again. I remember smelling her Vicks vapour rub from her as she tickled my back that night in bed. I was so glad she was home and with me again – it was that same night she had actually gone to her real home. I was visited from beyond – my nana was sharing her journey to spirit with me.

2. Have you always been aware and accepting of your gift and how old were you when you realised what was happening to you?It was later on that the experiences all started to add up. In all honesty, my parents and family thought I was just hyper but it was a meeting with a medium that helped my mum understand things. After my Nana’s passing, Mum was very sceptical about the idea of a ‘psychic’ and she never even anticipated the idea of evidential communication. Our next-door neighbour Susan had organised a well-known medium to come to give readings and one of the girls dropped out. She invited my mum and she thought it would be ‘just a bit of fun’ and said she’d come right after work (so would have the last slot). When the medium arrived she said that she couldn’t read anyone until she spoke to someone called ‘Diane’ (my mum’s name) as there were spirits who wouldn’t leave her alone all day. My mum was called and she had to leave work early (she was a hairdresser and had to leave someone’s perm in as she ran to relieve the medium). It was in this highly specific session the medium revealed my Nana’s name, street address and other fine details. The medium explained that ‘the blue-eyed boy’ would be a powerful communicator for the other side and would be recognized by his teens and 17 to be exact. The medium revealed that I had indeed seen my Nana and that she would be my protector from the other side as I developed my skills and she’s not let me down!

3. Because of your experiences as a child/teenager, do you sympathize with children these days that have no idea what is happening to them and do you teach or help children/teens with gifts?You know what – I do! I really get it that we are so sensitive as children but right now in our world I don’t feel we have all the resources to support them developing so young so I don’t encourage it. I always work with parents and encourage them to help the children be a child – sure they’re going to have experiences that are spiritual and they’re going to see angels but I wouldn’t suggest they learn to fine-tune those skills until they’re in their late teens.

4. How did your friends and family react when your interest in the afterlife started to come out at such an early age?I did have experiences but I also did have an amazing childhood – the visits began to fade out as I got older which was a huge relief because I was terrified to turn off the light for years. I remember one night seeing a queue of people waiting in my bedroom. It took me a long time to overcome that. I mean no child likes strangers in their bedroom – never mind strangers that no one else could see.

5. It’s unusual for someone as young as you to get into angels as a belief, how did it happen and was you ever ridiculed because of this and your beliefs?There was some teasing but in all honesty I think because of how ‘spot on’ my skills were very quickly a lot of my friends in school had respect. I was a little bit obsessed with it at first – I’d eat, breathe and sleep angels but when I learned that I was here to enjoy life too, I relaxed.People think I’m still young now (26) but that’s over a decade I’ve been involved in angels and healing – but the truth is I’ve still got a lot to learn and I’m enjoying being a student of spirituality.


6. Do you have any goals over the coming years IE do you have any ambitions to go further with your abilities?In honesty – I feel I could push my mediumship a little bit further and refine my evidence. I stopped being involved with spiritualist churches many years ago because I was faced with a lot of drama and backstabbing – it was a little daunting especially when you’re as sensitive as I am. Saying that, the place to master your craft on a mediumship level is on the platform, which I still do today (just not in a church). I often think of signing up for Tony Stockwell’s master classes – I truly believe he’s one of the most talented and evidential mediums of our time.On another note another love has developed – Yoga. I have found my connection has strengthened as I’ve learned to look after my body. It’s true – the system of yoga does help connect the body, mind and soul as one. I feel there are so many mediums that forget about the body because they deal with spirit and work their mind through mental mediumship – but the body is here to be mastered too it’s a major reason why I adore yoga

.7. As a youngster, did you have any plans about what you might do job-wise when you grew up?

Early on I wanted to do this work but as I learned how emotionally heavy it could become I really didn’t want to anymore. In my teens I was dealing with overly emotional people – helping them through loss, divorce and even the menopause. It wasn’t ideal for a young man in his teens – so I quit, I put the angel cards away and I studied electronic music production and dreamed of a career as a DJ.

I learned quickly that I liked something I could be pretty good at it quickly. I ended up being signed to a booking agent and was djing the coolest parties in Glasgow and around Scotland – I was having a ball. It was when the Scottish Sun offered me a columnist position I rethought of my career choice and there were too many signs prompting me to speak for the angels to say no. I surrendered to this path and it’s been one fun and fulfilling ride.

8. How would your friends describe you?

They’d say I’m bossy, easily distracted and someone who enjoys nice things. They’ll tell you I’m opinionated but generous too. I love to share with my friends and I love to treat them. Living this life has given me many gifts that I’m so happy to share with my close ones. Oh! They’ll tell you I’m far too honest for my own good too haha!

9. How do you see your angels? Do they come to you as we perceive as big fluffy white beings, or as colourful beings?

So I see angels like lights but huge ones. They’re like these huge tall beings made of pure Holy light. Although the angels have always shown themselves to me like celebrities in my mind. Just like mediumship – they help you create a mental picture of them in your mind so you can understand them and the gifts they offer us. So I’ve made my own celebrity associations to certain Archangels so I can remember them and relate to them. For example David Bowie is Archangel Chamuel and Gabriel is Adele the singer.

10. How can angels help us in our daily lives?

The Angels have a purpose and that is to help us remember that we are never separate from love. I say remember because really on a soul level we all know that we come from love and we all know that we are ultimately spirit. They will give us what I call ‘demonstrations’ of their support by helping make our earthly life more comfortable by helping us discover love, create peaceful relationships and heal on a physical level.

The angels for me are the perfect example of us – we should aspire to be just like them. The angels help us discover how we can love more, accept better and support each other. They help us remember that we are love and how we can be loving.

11. Which Archangel do you work most often with?

I call on the angels in general in all honesty. I’ll say things like “thank you angels for supporting me as I serve spirit today” and I’ll trust the right angels are with me.

I am very drawn to Archangel Jeremiel because he’s the angel of forgiveness – his name means ‘Mercy of God’ and he guides the Guardian Angels to help us work through forgiveness which is so very important while we are here.

I also call on Raphael often as he protects travellers during journeys – and as I fly often I trust he’s got my back and guiding the flight safely to it’s destination.

12. Your first card deck: Angel Prayers Oracle is out now, what inspired you to bring out these cards?

I use angel cards in my daily spiritual practice. I love them but I needed a deck that was modern and relatable. So many decks out there are very much white and fluffy – I wanted a deck that had an edge and honoured the different types of people that walked the earth today. Inside you’ll find gentle angels, warrior-like archangels and angels that are Asian, African, Hawaiian, Indian, Caucasian and more – my prayer is that they are relatable for the 21st century believer.

13. Where can our readers purchase Angel Prayers Oracle Cards?

Amazon or via my website: www.kylegray.co.uk

14. You already have 2 books out, have you plans for any more books, if so when can we expect them to be available?

My third book launches in January 2015 and my fourth is in April! We’re also re-releasing my first book with new chapters and revised information! It’s going to be a very busy 2015!

15. Is there anything you haven’t achieved in your life that you would like to?

I used to make loads of goals but now I’m just surrendering to the flow of life. There’s one thing though: to buy my own place – that’s where I’m at right now, I’m ready to call a place my own and it’s definitely going to be in Glasgow!

16. If you could communicate with anyone, who would it be and why?

I’ve got 3 people in heaven I love who I’ve never met but I’m grateful for their spiritual input. Paramahansa Yogananda, Helen Duncan and Gerald Gardner – I’d love a dinner party with this mix of folk!

17. Spiritualism has gained much publicity and far more acceptance over the last few years. A lot of this has been through an increase in media programmes, publications and talented people like yourself. In your view what would you say are the positives and negatives of the increased media exposure to spiritualism in general, and do you think the media portray the correct message and knowledge?

What I think is important we all remember as mediums is that there’s enough room for everyone. There’s never going to be too many mediums but if we could all support each other and all focus on providing fabulous evidence it would be great. As long as we remember our integrity and not sell out on spirituality I think we’ll do great things and it’s nice to be in the media. I worked for the Scottish Sun for 5 years and always had a great experience with them – if we’re being honest and sharing with love then it’s never going to be bad.

19. Work and personally, what would you like for the future?

I’ll take it as it comes and make sure I smile along the way!




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