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Interview with Psychic Insight Magazine – Kate May

Psychic Insight Magazine

Posted on December 12, 2018 by Kate May

December 2018

This was wrote for Psychic Insight online Magazine

My mum was very open to spiritualism and the holistic approach to life while my dad was an atheist. Although he was the one that would drive me to the spiritualist churches later on in life. I would sit with my nan and we would play at reading the tea leaves; she would tell me about feeling her mum around her, and how she saw a figure in the kitchen the day my grandad died. My maternal grandma would also talk openly about spooky things that had happened to her. My aunt and uncle were faith healers and I didn’t know it at the time but my aunty in Australia was also a tarot reader and healer.

 At 15, I worked for a couple at our local pier. They were mediums and I did astrology charts from the computer. This was a summer job really but it has a very special meaning, as 25 years later she was to be the mother of my new & Current  Partner after my marriage ended, although this took several years to realise!

 I trained as a beauty therapist, but ended up in retail management after my Saturday job, in a shoe shop, gave me extra hours.

Everyone I worked with knew I loved the psychic side of life and I would make one-off predictions from pregnancies to new relationships to house moves. I started to hear the noise of other people’s lives in my head when I brushed past them in shops – very much like the film What Woman Wantwhen Mel Gibson can hear women’s thoughts! This was when I decided to find a class to develop.

 Once I hit 31, married and pregnant, that’s when things started to happen. I left work to be stay at home mum, with the intent to keep a hand in the beauty world as a bit of pocket money. This gave me the time to join the classes and courses I had wanted to do for ages but the
timing wasn’t quite right.

So here I was, sat in these circles, everyone else having wonderful connections but me. I got nothing. Diddly squat! But as I said, I loved it, so I continued to sit. It wasn’t until a few years later that Things started to happen and click into place

Once I had my first son, I joined a toddler group. Actually, I didn’t want
to join but I was asked by a friend to take her friend who was feeling
depressed. My intention was to go once, introduce her then not go
back. She never returned and I never left! I am convinced spirit set this up as I would never have gone otherwise. While I was chatting to the leader, Alison, she asked me if I wanted to take my massage couch along to treat the other mums there while the kids played. This turned into a little business for me.

 I started working with other groups and before I knew it, I was asked to run a circle with some friends. Alison and I had run a home circle, but this was different. Being the less knowledgeable, but most bossy, I did the organising and listened in.

When the person leading it went on holiday, I took the class. This unfolded into having my own circle. I found a unit to base it at it but to cover the costs, I hired it out to therapists.  This arrangement lasted a few months before I found myself unexpectedly working with a new group of friends. We were to turn part of the unit into a coffee shop, the other into a space for readings and therapies.
 It wasn’t planned well and very shortly I was left with 2 retail units, a coffee shop and one friend to work with.   I thought, I  don’t even drink coffee, this was crazy! But with my best friend Paula, also a medium and healer, we quickly trained up in the coffee shop and catering trade.

One year later we are the proud owners of a very busy Mystic River Lounge: a spiritual coffee shop, psychic development centre and crystal retail shop in Portsmouth. Here we hold classes,workshops, healing clinics, do daily readings,treatments and so much more!

 I am now 43 and in the best place ever. I have had the privilege to interview mediums like Colin Fry, John Holland, David Wells and Kyle Grey for magazines. I have worked on a psychic cruise with Gordon Smith , I work each year at a large well-known psychic
weekend event.

I truly believe I was meant to  do this and everything in my path has been created for me, allowing this to happen without my planning!

I travel twice a year with my partner to America for work. I see  approx 20 – 30 clients a week,  teach psychic development, the tarot and the Chakra Lotus healing course. I do talks and workshops all over the country. More recently, I have also  recently started working with the Psychic Sisters, Jayne Wallace at Selfridges, in London doing readings. 

I have also mastered the perfect cup of coffee!

Email Moderndaymystic@gmail.com Facebook/Instagram/Twitter – KateMayModerndaymystic




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