Welcome to this weeks Mystic News letter!

Well what a strange start to the year already! 

We as many others in lockdown. Our stock is still available to post or collect in store – just message for details – images are in the shop dept on our face book page plus  we are showing items on our instagram page and face book page – mystic coffee lounge 

Have you noticed the name change?? I have given the lounge a make over and new name change! From river to coffee –  keeping optimism for when we open 🙂 

From this week I will be in the  lounge Thursdays 11-2 for take aways and stock collection while all readings remain online 

To help people we have set up a weekly coffee morning each Wednesday 11-12 for a light hearted chit chat, catch up – this week we have a fun quiz – details are on the face book page 

The first tarot course of the  year sold out rather quickly so another will be put on email katemysticmay@gmail.com if you would like to be added to the next one 

At Christmas I launched my V.I.P group. we are having a ball! full details are on my website www.katemay.co.uk if you would like to join in the fun – Sundays 7-8/30

I cover different chats and learning skills each week, meditations, moon magic, vision boards, life coaching goals, tarot, astrology, psychic development, and more!

 You will be get your own a tarot reading each month from a choice of different spreads that I have created plus a 30 minute one to one tuition on a subject of your choice 

Sundays 7pm – 8/830 pm

There will be 2 options 

Option 1 

£45 for the month’s weekly meetings your monthly tarot reading and a 30 mins one to one private tuition on anything you want 

Option 2 

£25 weekly meetings for the month only 

EMAIL or message to join – Katemysticmay@gmail.com 

Looking to build your own business? don’t know where to start? contact Jemma waller virtual assistant – 07912519941 

Our free networking meeting has moved online and is on the 2nd Thursday of each month 7-8 pm open to all self employed businesses 

Friday 29th January join me for a tarot astrology chat with Ashley Robinson through spiritualpsychicstv on YouTube 

My new cards – Mystic Messages have now been launched! They are available on my website www.katemay.co.uk or in my shop to buy! £14 plus 1.50 postage 

Our next monthly mediumship demonstration is the lovely Pauline Walsh Friday 26th February 7pm -8.30 £10 via zoom – email for booking link 

Saturday 13th February free work shop on tarot email neil691@live.com for details 

Grab Februarys Spirt and Destiny magazine for a chance to win a free reading with me! 

Please note

Readings have moved online via zoom or phone – to book text  07800734911- limited spaces due to home schooling! max 1 0 spaces available each week 

Don’t forget to join my groups on face book – Kate May Modern Day Mystic and  Mystic Coffee  lounge and page Kate May tarot psychic medium – each day in teh group and instagram we do live readings and on the page I do random live readings and talks on crystals, Feng Shui, and more! 

plus follow me on instagram and YouTube  for all updates, live readings and more!

And Jemma’s face book group and instagram  – Ocean dreams therapy and Jemma waller virtual assistant 

This weeks tarot message 

I Love this card! This card represents victory success and over coming obstacles. It has a vibe of travel and a coming home feel with it. Even though you may want to give up, this card suggests that you continue your goal and vision through blood sweat and tears!

This card suggests that there is some work and challenges to overcome. Time wise this could be long or short, but be prepared for some hard work ahead. The road ahead is not clear and could prove to be a very bumpy road, however all the time this card is in the upright position your win in the end! Being organised, confident and using all your strength to persevere, this card suggests that you can overcome what you thought you couldn’t. Be kind and gracious but strong and determined.

The Chariot is number 7 in the tarot, suggests dedicating yourself to a goal or an ideal with wisdom. Gaining Victory often alone. This number reflects change in the minor cards

Victory over adversity after struggles there will be victory so keep going and don’t give up!

Web this card appears in a reading, it suggests now is not the time to be too soft, or lose focus of your goals, and don’t expect an easy ride. This card reminds you to keep focused! Work hard to get that achievement no matter what pops up in the way. The Chariot reminds you how strong you are, your strength and will power to home in and get past the barriers and challenges.

This card shows you that you have got what it takes to gain control and win victory over a situation. Smash through any conflict with sheer determination and commitment.  Its a home coming card with great results. There is a link to travel here, with journeys that see a successful ending or where the traveller returns safe and sound. 

There may be a forces influences with this card, a military vibe, if so this is of coming home victorious.

 While victory is yours, you know that by handling a situation in a controlled manor you don’t have to crack the whip aggressively in order to bring things into alight. You can handle yourself and those around you well now. You are authoritative and powerful but not aggressive

. Take charge of a situation and remain in the driving seat. Use your power to win over obstacles. Just like the crab, in the sign of cancer  you may have to side step but not give up, in order to reach the home line

This card suggests your journey is written in the stars. There is an influence of celestial energy above you now.

The message of this card is to be assertive, take control, be bold with your boundaries and victory is yours!

Mystic Blessings

Kate May

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