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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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January Tarot/Psychic Scopes 2019

Tarotscopes for January 2019

Its the new year! What will 2019 bring for you?

Available for one to one readings general readings, 12 month forecast, looking at areas such as Love, money, relationships, career, family, health and more. Also available for Healing, Reflexology, Massage. Want to learn the Tarot? Contact me. Plus Psychic Development every Tuesday evening – For demonstrations and events see website events

For a personnel reading email – katemaymoderndaymystic@gmail.com


Trust your intuition this month. You may be feeling extra driven to search within or search for a more spiritual meaning and approach to life. You have a deep sense of knowing within and should listen to that wisely.

A spiritual teacher or mentor could come forward in to your path way, giving guidance and insight into situations close to your heart.

New ideas are bumbling away, thing you want t put into practice but are holding back till you feel the time is right.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Do only what feels right, nothing less


This is a month of hanging around, contemplating and having to wait and see things from a different angle.

You may feel suspended and literally hanging around this month, but rest assured that you are being guided to make a decision that needs careful thought and planning.

Sometimes we have to let things go in order to find our true path, and this may be one of hem times, when sacrifice and release be worth wile in the bigger picture.

Events may be suspended for a few weeks, this allows you see that bigger picture and to trust that all is as it should be.

While being at a cross roads and swinging back and forth emotionally, doesn’t suit you, this month, it is needed for the deep thinking and releasing

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Think big, drop the minor dreams, learn to let go for a better move forward


Illusion and choice, you may be offered something that seems a good idea at the time, however when you look more into it, you can see the flaws. Before you take action, be fully aware of all the options and choices you have. This month it would be better to pause and wait before making big decisions.

People may show their true colours, situations will unfold showing you the full potential as you come to the end of the next few weeks.

Not every thing is in the negative though, there will be some amazing things on offer also, recognise true authenticity, and those who share similar lifestyles to yours. There will be some interesting choices!

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Look past the rose tinted glasses, the shiny sparkles to see whats truly hidden underneath


Patience and balance are your key words this month, cancerians.

You have a great deal of harmony working its magic around you this January, but you must deal with things in a patient manor. There is a long road ahead, so there is no need to rush, this will bring you to your best outcome.

Travel plans and adventures are also indicated this month, just get the balance of the day to day routine and that creative adventures side of you.

You may have to be a little more flexible too, Sometimes you can be a little stubborn and walk your own sideways walk, however for the best outcomes this month, flexibility is needed, especially when dealing with people or situations outside your control

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Instead of walking sideways, like the crab you are, take a new step forward, try to push yourself further a little more, don’t be stuck in the mud


Its all about you and the family as you start January 2019! Looking at ways to improve your diet, lifestyle and your home comforts, but you must think more deeper and feel what really soothes your soul.

Family ties will be extra important and a very abundant time can be had.

Peace and love are highlighted in the family areas.

Abundant news is also coming this month, growth expansion and with the right effort and nurturing put in to something, growth will come.

Spending time with those you love, will be a great way to start the new year.

Nurturing yourself with home made food, bubble baths and pampering will all be very beneficial

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Put you and your family first, enjoy the winter nights cosied up with good food and cosy blankets


You have a great card for the start of the new year. This Month is influenced by freedom, enjoying family pleasures, being childlike, enjoying time with children and doing any thing creative.

Start the year as you mean to go on, be your fun loving self, turn your back on the darker days of the past and shine your bright sunny light. Adventures and holidays are in the pipeline with the emphasise on fun. You have all the qualities to be a great person and should feel much more complete in knowing your future lies with you being true. Accepting what you’ve said or done and learning from mistakes, making amends so that everyone can enjoy your vibrant energy

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Have fun, you deserve it, create some enjoyment and laughter


Are you holding in too tightly to things Librans? A little less control would be good, try and be more flexible with those around you.

That said, you will need to be tighter than usual with money this month, maybe you over spent at Christmas? Maybe you have a big holiday to pay out for? But keep an eye on what comes and what goes out

There is little moving you this January, I see a firm foundation and holding on to your own, just remember, staying too firm will get you stuck.

You have your builder and gatherer head on for January, building your foundation nicely for bigger things to come

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Hold tight to what your building up, but don’t be a stick in the mud!


The battles are over, the struggles of the past are coming to an end and you will start to feel much more liberated and free of the confrontations and up hill problems, you have been trying to get through. There is a feeling of peace and still ness and you move away from these difficult few past months

Peoples opinions are no longer important and you are freer to express yourself in your unique way.

Arguments are laid to rest, and personally you will no longer feel like you are up against everyone.

You will be able to start the new year having a clearer idea of what you want and what others want from you. The direction is smoother for your journey now

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Be gentle on yourself, enter this new calmness slowly savoring every minute of your success or peace


January starts off with a good financial boost and enjoyment of the family coming together. Success and happiness are here and you should be pleased with your achievements. Spending time with your loved ones will improve the relationships for them and you.

Making happy memories and building a stronger connection. Not one to sit still, this month may be trying, in that only to get you to stay still long enough to reap the benefits of your work and family gatherings.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Chill out, take a breather and enjoy some peace


A wonderful opportunity related to work or education is coming your way this month! Seize the chance to learn something new or exciting. Start a more rewarding and uplifting position. You should be feeling more cheerful, settled but also a little bit mischievous this month! You may also encounter someone of this nature if this isn’t you. You should be feeling more adventures for 2019 and want to make more of a name for yourself or see your past efforts more sustained. Anything connected to learning and or teaching will be of benefit to you. Lookout or create new ventures that involve moving forward with excitement and visions. Family matters that have concerned you, are now clearing, although there is a little niggle of someone still, show them the positive side of any situation

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – There is a side to you that needs to be seen more, have fun and enjoy what you want to achieve


You can expect a windfall of abundance this month, if you put the effort in. Financially or timely assistance, divine intervention with a positive outcome all have a part in this month for you. A great start for 2019. Listen to advice, and be prepared for being in the right place at the right time. You may be offered a fabulous new job or promotion, or see the pros[pet of a profitable business venture or investment. Acton is required to materialise this. You a great deep thinker, and sometimes this holds you back from grabbing potential possibilities.

Don’t waste another month doing to much thinking, take action and start living in way that makes you feel alive within work, dare to dream and make them dreams a reality. Only you can be the master of your own destiny, Work plays a major factor this year for you, if you start as you mean to go on, great things will appear

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – new financial gain, stronger foundations and a happy home life, its all yours if you want it!


It is time to express your love and appreciation for family, be it relatives or chosen family of close friends. Congratulations may be in order, with happy family times, committed relationships and raising your family well.

You should be feeling emotionally content and a sense of love is in the air, be it with your self or a partner. Animals may also play a part in the happy feelings. Strong bonds can be made this month, and a sense of happiness

Happy memories involving loved ones play a part in you feeling contented, but new chapters are about to start as you experience the months ahead in a very positive way.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Enjoy what makes you feel loved, the arts, music, people, whatever it is, its a very playful energy where you need to be enjoying yourself to the max




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