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July Newsletter

Welcome to July’s Mystic News letter.
 What a wet summer we are having! Hoping it changes super soon my spring tan is fading fast!

 What’s not fading though is the Mystic Coffee Lounge! We are forever evolving and this month we see another change.

 Our Jem Jem is off to pursue her career as business support with her own business that she grew from the first lock down. While its boo hoo sad, there will be no more funny lives of stock showcasing from us, but for Jem it’s the right thing to do and super exciting as her world of opportunities begins so we wish her oodles of love and luck. She will of course still be in the lounge just the other side, being waited on instead of waiting on others.

This opens up a new opportunity for Ange Pennell, Ange will be joining us now to do all the therapies including nails, massage, hopi ear candles, reflexology, facials and more! This will soon be updated on the website

Cancer season is here
The Sign of cancer is represented by the Crab. The 4th house in the zodiac, when the sun enters cancer on the 21st June until July 22nd, representing the home and family and mother in particular
They are a water sign so can be super emotional or know how to tap into their emotional, feminine side.

Cancerians are highly intuitive and have a great inner knowing. Represented by the planet of the moon, it’s no wonder this will have a strong influence and they can appear moody or crabby!

 They wear their heart on their sleeve, are not afraid to show their emotions and can be sentimental. Most are hoarders, as they try and hold on to past happy memories, family ties especially from their mothers. While being sensitive they are also insecure and so holding on to things gives them. Sense of security.

They can retreat back into their shells and are most happy in their own familiar surroundings with their loved ones. Where they feel safe. Too many people in their lives or over socialising can cause them to have anxiety, and overwhelm them so they prefer small groups of those they can love nurture and trust.

They make fantastic carers and will nurture love and support those they care about. Extremely loyal they expect the same back. Stubborn, though they will hold on to hurt for a long time unless they learn how to release that.
Difficult to connect with at first, they may hide under their shell until they feel safe to be more open. Once they do they will expect to have and will be a friend or partner for life. They will do whatever it takes to help those they love feel secure but can sometimes leave their partners feeling controlled. Fantastic at empathising with others, they can let their feelings over consume them. They’re over bearing control is usually done from a place of love and is heartfelt.
They will go to extreme length s to protect their family and their homes, their home really is the heart of them and there is always an open door welcoming people into their comfortable pads

They have a natural intuitive streak, make great psychics, and follow what their feelings say. They can lack rational sense because of this, but often make the right choice. They dislike fake, lies and untrustworthy people or situations.

They are super generous and fair but do expect this returned and will make you know if they don’t feel a situation is fair.

They can be Moody, as we said, highly emotional, their moon can swing all different ways. The moons influence only adds to the complexity of their emotions. They can sulk and hide away until they are sure it’s calm again to come out. They can have a temper that matches their abundance of love.

Once let down, you will know it. Cancer take years to heal, unless they have learnt other wise. They can have a vindictive side to them especially when they don’t get their way. Manipulative and bitter are not their best traits.
Loving, kind, generous and fair. They make great parents and although emotional and sensitive they seem to intuitively know what people need and how to best nurture them. Home makers often good cooks with a warm soft heart under that shell.
Tarot card – Chariot
Element – Water
Crystal – Moonstone
Herbs – Water lilies, Rushes and heather
Metal – Silver
Planet – Moon
Symbol – Crab
Colour – Sea greens, creams and white
Body – Chest, breast and stomach
At Mystic Coffee Lounge we are now open fully serving you yummy breakfasts, lunches and more!
This month are events as follows
Mystic Coffee Morning– Fridays 11-1 Pendulum, Tarot, crystals, healing and more – Free No experience needed all tools supplied
Astrologymeet up Tuesdays 2-4 Free No experience needed, a friendly relaxed look at each other’s charts learning together over a cuppa
FRIDAY 2ndhJuly Trance Demonstrationwith Colin Flaherty £10 – 7pm to book contact 07800734911
Friday 16thJuly Psychic Supper£20 mini reading with one of 3 psychics, fish and chip supper or alternative plus a Mediumship Demonstration with Spiritual Medium Colin Flaherty To book contact 07800734911
We also have our next fayre booked – New Forest Fayres Sunday 12thSeptember to book a table email
It has been fabulous going back to face to face readings and treatments, to book just text 07800734911 or go through the booking system on
To book a reading contact text 07800734911
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To purchase a deck of my mystic message cards buy online through in store 117 High Street Cosham Portsmouth Mystic Coffee Lounge
We have fully launched the Mystic and Holistic directory, with new packages and a new event area! Do you have an evet you want promoted? We got it covered!
This directory is a one stop shop for all your mystic and holistic needs including, past life regression, feng shui, therapies, readings and more! Reflexology seems to be most popular so if this is what you do and you want some more clients do get in touch!
Check out all deets
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My face book group and you tube will be hosting all my lives, tarot tuition and mediations all for free!
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Mystic Message card of the month
Use the law of attraction to create the life you want – we are what we think and all that!
Crystal pf the months
Blue Obsidian
Great for grounding, protection and communication. helps release mentaller; stress and tensions
Mystic Blessings
Kate May Modern Day Mystic

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