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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Welcome to June’s Mystic News letter

 A gorge month! The summer weather is finally here in the UK, summer solstice  is in sight and the whole vibe is a bit more relaxed and friendly.

Gemini  season is  here

Gemini are one of the liveliest of all the Air signs. They have a young carefree nature are curious and open to taking risks. Not the best to pin down or give commitment though, a little fickle and scatty they could drive even the calmest person crazy!

Often misunderstood as two-faced, they simply see both sides of everything and find it incredibly difficult to make choices and decisions

They can be hyperactive and have short attention spans. They enjoy learning new things

One of the hardest signs to understand, but also one of the most likeable. Fun and with a great sense of humour, In a good mood they are charming but in a bad mood they are moody and rather annoying. Easily pleased but just as easily bored, and are quick to move on, without even a second thought.

Not one to hang around in an argument, but if pressed they can twist the argument and make you wish you hadn’t started it!

They can quickly move on to different subjects including people.

Their wit makes them great at sociable events, unless they are not in the mood- everything swings one or the other with Gemini, there is no middle ground.

So the energy is lively, fickle changeable but fun

At Mystic Coffee Lounge we are now  open fully serving you yummy breakfasts, lunches and more!

This month are events as follows

Crystal Children’s work shop June 5th– Sold out

Mediumship Demonstration with Colin Flaherty Friday June 11th– Sold out

Mystic Coffee Morning– Fridays 11-1 Pendulum, Tarot, crystals, healing and more – Free  No experience needed all tools supplied

Astrologymeet up Tuesdays 11-1 Free No experience needed, a friendly relaxed look at each other’s charts learning together over a cuppa


FRIDAY 4thJuly Trance Demonstration with Colin Flaherty £10 – 7pm to book contact 07800734911.  https://www.facebook.com/events/554621652368355

Friday 16thJuly Psychic Supper  £20 mini reading with one of 3 psychics, fish and chip supper or alternative plus a Mediumship Demonstration with  Spiritual Medium Colin Flaherty To book contact 07800734911. https://www.facebook.com/events/533513054486745

We also have our next fayre booked – New Forest Fayres Sunday 12thSeptember to book a table email newforestfayres@gmail.com

It has been fabulous going back to face to face readings and treatments, to book just text 07800734911 or go through the booking system on www.mysticcoffeelounge.co.uk

To book a reading contact www.katemay.co.ukor text 07800734911

Check out your monthly Tarot scopes for June  onhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcfWwNS6oMguPVCqwehPw9w

This month we  fully launched the Mystic and Holistic directory, with new packages I honestly get so many people asking me do I know someone who does this or that. This directory is a one stop shop for all your mystic and holistic needs including, past life regression, feng shui, therapies, readings and more!  Reflexology seems to be most popular so if this is what you do and you want some more clients do get in touch!

 Check out www.mysticandholistic.co.ukfor all deets

Social media

 I have become more active within my groups, Instagram and you tube posting tutorials and daily messages. Feel free to subscribe and follow

My face book group  and you tube will be hosting all my lives, tarot tuition and mediations all for free!

Below are all my new links to all social media

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Twitter – https://twitter.com/katemaymdmystic?lang=en

Mystic Coffee Shop

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Tarot card of the month

The Hermit

 The Hermit card talks about reflection, looking within or looking back in the past, seeing situations that you have overcome or where there is introspection needed. Looking within for answers. A time to do meditation and taking a step back to reflect on your own purpose and desires.

You may be looking to get advice from someone wise and experienced now. The Hermit represents time out for inner truth, reflection and quietness

When the hermit card appears in reading, it is saying the time has come for a quiet period. It can be a very spiritual card, with deep inner knowing and meditation to gain more clarification. Self-discovery and realisation. Retreats, spas, breaks away, anything that takes you out from the usual situations whatever is going on around you right now, you may want to withdraw and be alone until you work things out in more clearer way. 

 Working alone, journeying alone, doing things for your own inner growth and soul searching. This is not the best card for partnerships or team work. Rather find yourself first than reach out to others.

Priorities may now change, as you go in a new direction but your true spiritual self-evolving and those hopes and dreams can start to become reality.

The Hermit card can appear when you feel left out or lonely, you are left on your own way too much to think and ponder. This deflects the wishes and desires you have within you as you are thinking about the negative effect of being on your own or left out. 

The message of this card – take time out to reflect on your inner wishes and thoughts

The Crystal to connect with this card is Sapphire or blue tourmaline, both supporting the journey of self-reflection and inward thinking

Mystic Blessings 

Kate May Modern Day Mystic 





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