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Leo season is here! A time to be proud loud and confident.

A great time to connect to your inner child and expand your heart chakra widely like free loving children do. Follow your heart and be courages. Use this energy to step into your power and shine!

“Own your roar and be fabulous”

There is something empowering at the moment, we really are stepping into our own power and saying fuck it to the world of blocks and challenges.

Its funny because as much as some love this side of Leo many people shy away from being a loud Leo. Preferring to hide their wild side or not feeling comfortable enough to own this attention seeking power energy.

“The time is now to shine your light”

Be your aloud to, enjoy it, at least while the Lions energy is so hot right now! Own that roar! We all need to step into our own power from time to time, put our needs first and have the courage and strength to just be our fabulous selves. If ever there was a time to shine in the lime light it is now!

Leo in a nut shell

Positive Strength, Power, Love, Brave, Leaders, charismatic, charming 

Negative – Selfish, Drama Queen, Arrogant, Bossy

The Sign of Leo is represented by the Lion 

The Sun moves into Leo on July 22nd – August 21st 

They are the 5th house in the astrological zodiac house system and rule Children, creation and love and fun here. 

Leo are known for being the king of the Jungle, being passionate and liking the limelight. They like to be the centre go attention, but rarely admit it, and enjoy a good time. They are generous and loving, and enjoy pleasing themselves as well as others. 

Bold, smart, confident, courageous, and good-looking, these Fire signs make natural born leaders, can charm the birds out of the tress and put the P into party! 

Proud to be themselves, they have no qualms about praising themselves and leading the way forward. They can be arrogant and selfish, but they know how to get respect, and are happy to get stuck in, & work hard as long they don’t break too much a sweat that will ruin their looks. Joking aside they can be hard workers, especially if they know that they would get respect and praise. They work well in the public eye and as a rule, prefer to be the more dominate one in relationships and friendships.

Quick to make friends, friendly and likeable. They put themselves first and will change plans if it doesn’t suit them. 

Passionate and fun, generous and great lovers, who wouldn’t want to be around a Leo! They love grand gestures, gifts, can be show offish and enjoy flashing their cash when they have it, or any anything that they are proud for all to see. They find it challenging to listen to others and bore easily although never at the sound of their own voice. 

Leos love to look good and be the best, and this sometimes can be challenging for them to keep up appearances each day. They love adventures but also enjoy their down time. They love to look fabulous and will spend time and effort doing their hair, especially, or making themselves feel and look their best 

A reputation for having a load roar, really they are just pussy cats. 


Tarot card – Strength 

Element – Fire 

Crystal – Tigers eye, yellow amber, carnelian 

Flower – Sunflower

Metal – Gold 

Colour – Red

Planet – Sun

Symbol -Lion

Body – Heart, spine, upper back

Leo Season Affirmations

I am proud of who I am

I reclaim my power back today

Life is for living

I am ready to have some fun

My light is worth shining




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