Key words Positive – Balance – fairness – Truth – Sociable, Thoughtful, Fun, 

Key words Negative  – Indecisive – Flakey, Manipulative 

The sign of libra is represented by the sales of balance. The Sun enters the sign of Libra on or around  September 23rd until around October 22nd 

They connect to the 7th house in the Astrological wheel which is represented by Marriage & Relationships.

Libra are peaceful, calm and don’t like to see things out of balance,They enjoy being in a relationship, doing things in pairs, rather than being single. They love nothing more than being all cosied up with her partner. They like justice truth and harmony. All though they can give a good argument when they need too, and can reach out for the underdog, they prefer a more calmer peaceful life. 

As an air sign they are smart, logical and enjoy mental stimulation, interesting conversations and debates. Their ruling  planet Venus gives them their beauty and charm. Lovers of beauty, art, music, and fabulous  material pleasures.

If there is injustice or untruths floating around, Libra won’t be happy. They like harmony and Justice.  As the 7th house in the zodiac calender, Libra starts the shift of balance, the first 6 signs look at our individual influence, from libra we see the influence of others. Libras are first and foremost influenced and focused by other people and their relationships with them. Partnerships are big to Libras.

With Libra having Venus as their planet, just like Taurus, they share the planet of love( must be that partnership vibe) Venus in Libra connects to the harmonious side, the peaceful, loving and diplomatic.  attributes. supporting Libras social side, their beauty and elegant artists nature. Unbiased, passionate and pleasing Libras like to fulfil their partners wishes in more ways than one!  They are free spirited and open minded. They like high standards and like  their heads and heels higher! 

Charming and outgoing, however they don’t trust easily. They only let a certain few get super close. They can be sarcastic and have a naughty sense of humour. They don’t regret their past, just the time get pissed at the time wasted on people.

Generous and fair Libras are best to keep on your good side. 

Tarot card – Justice 

Element – Air 

Crystal – Sapphire 

Flower – Bluebells

Colour – Blue 

Metal – Copper 

Planet – Venus 

Symbol – Scales 

Body – Kidney,Skin, lower back and buttocks