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Have you been hearing about the Lions Gate but not sure what it is? Its actually a very cool exciting time that happens this time of year – The Leo Season. and can be very beneficial to everyone

August 8th marks the peak of an influx of high-frequency energy, onto planet Earth. Up until the 12th August from the around the 26th July.

It’s a day that’s been around for thousands of years – as far back as Mayan times, this cosmic gateway has been marked on calendars and celebrated with ceremonies and rituals.

Full of magical manifestation energy, a special portal now is open for your mystical dreams! The alignment allows for a surge of special energies now, giving you, your raw power and determination needed to create what you have had your eye on. Leo the lion is coming in from the Sun taking his place as the king of the jungle, and so can you!

The second brightest star in the sky is called the star Sirius. Also known as the spiritual Sun. Sirius emits an energy that is hugely activating for us. It gives us an awakening and further ascension into our spiritual enlightenment, it is always working,but it is at this time that it comes into alignment with our Sun & Earth, Orions Belt and other stars, aligning perfectly to a pyramid magnifying the power of Sirius. During the lions gate portal, Sirius separates sufficiently from the sun to come into view. infusing the earth with extra energy and light.

Some say that the energy coming from Sirius, contains special elevating or activating energy that can help the earth and her people evolve.

So where does the lion part come from? Sirius A is the origin of a race of star beings known as the Felidae. This is a feline species with a long, long connection to Earth, whose purpose at this time is to help support the ascension of humankind. Their cat or lion consciousness energy was much more heavily actioned during the Lemurian, Atlantean and Egyptian times

With the power of the alignment on August 8th, this higher-level lion energy becomes activated on the earth plane, resulting in the greater awakening. It is to serves to help ground this high-frequency energy. All over the galaxy, the Sirians are known for their incredible proficiency in making things manifest. This is a great time to manifest your desires and do away with things that no longer serve us, enabling us to live a more evolved being.

It’s also said that the portal is being held open by two lions, sitting on either side of the gate, this is all happening during the astrological season of Leo! Magic eh!

For those extra sensitive souls, you may feel like you have multidimensional roots in other star systems, you may feel this transition very strongly. Pay attention to dreams, signs symbols and your readings right now for there could be upgrading your knowledge in more powerful ways.

If you have not been feeling yourself or out of balance of late,Your chakras may have had to be re loaded so to speak for this upgrade, be gentle on yourself over the next few days as it has a strong influence on our physical and energy body so be aware of aches or pains during this process. Good job I’m away off to a beach tomorrow!

August 8, also known as 8/8. In the ancient art of Numerology, the number 8 represents power, prosperity, sovereignty, and the flow of energy. Magical time mystics!

Tarot Spread for Lions Gate

*What is activating for you now

*New focus for the coming year

*Blessings to celebrate

  • *Lions gate guidance to overcome any challenges
  • *Your raw power
  • *Health improvements
  • *Career guidance
  • *Spiritual guidance

Affirmations for lions gate

I have my power back

I am the best version of myself

I am fun and I enjoy life

I have inner strength to deal with all challenges

I know my worth




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