Manifestation Tarot Spread 5 cards

Manifestation Tarot Spread 5 cards

Manifestations work great at special times of the year such as new moons, new year, new month o whenever you feel ready to manifest some magic into your life! Finding some peaceful space, light a candle, I like to use green if im manifesting money, Pink for friendships and love, rd for passion, white for clarity and yellow for abundance. I love to work with Crystals alongside this too.

Manifesting is a great way to attract desires into your life. Think about what you want and create a space to get manifesting! Make sure its pure and doesn’t involve others free will, or you could be in for a messy suprise! You can also use specific tarot cards to enhance the are of desires.

Vision boards are a great way to manifest amazing things throughout the year. Cut out pictures of things you want, maybe a pink car, a dream holiday, your book in print, whatever it is using a vision board can really help you reach that manifestation magic portal. Have it someone sacred to you, or where you can see it every day,, reminding yourself of the desires and activating the energy each time you see it. Magnifying this magic!

Use this spread under a new moon with crystals and candles of your choice. Take a few to centre yourself, being outdoors in nature is a perfect setting. Once you’ve set your intention, allow the universe to deliver

Manifestation Tarot Spread

Manifestation energy

Route to achieve desires

What do you need to do to make the first step

Blocks to over come

Positive energy to achieve manifestation

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