Welcome to this weeks Mystic News letter!

Welcome to march newsletter!

I can’t believe we are already in March, how quick did February go! I’m not complaining, here in the UK I love the seasons and love the excitement of spring that March brings.

The weather has turned for the better as we head into the spring equinox this month.

I have created 3 tarot spreads for you here – March and the New moon in Pisces and the  Spring Equinox – These are available for £20 via email only or why not have a go yourself and let me know how you get on!

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What’s new for March?

I open up my V.i.P  group one more, a weekly meet up via zoom to learn different things each week and each month! There are 2 packages – £25 weekly zoom meet up OR £45 included the meet ups plus a choice of tarot readings each month from a different spread and a one to one tuition session with moi! This month we are looking at past lives, numerology, new moon in Pisces, Spring equinox and mediumship! Its such a cool group I bloody love it!

I have a new tarot course for the UK students  starting March 27th details are on my website or face book link – if you are interested in learning the meanings of each card and how to work with them in basic spreads including the Celtic cross sign up now! Yu will receive a work book and the whole course that I have written myself This is on a Saturday morning UK time https://www.facebook.com/events/157648542869155

US students  for those experienced in knowing the cards but would like to take things a little further or who have completed my beginners course, I am starting  the next step tarot programme – interested – email me katemysticmay@gmail.comfor details. Wednesday evening 6pm – 8.30 pm UK  time starts April email in to be sent details via the host

US students if you are wanting to join the beginners class – Mavis Pittila presents learning the tarot with Kate May – starting Tuesdays in March  6.30 – 9 pm UK time please email katemysticmay@gmail.com to be sent details via the host

We have had news that we can open the Mystic Coffee Lounge from May 17th with therapies and face to face readings going back from April 12th To book text 07800734911 or www.katemay.co.uk

Mother’s day

We have lots of fabulous gifts in the Mystic Coffee Lounge for mums and nans and anyone! We are currently open Thursdays 11-2 for stock collection

Gift vouchers are also available for readings or therapies to treat mum or yourself when you can

Spring Equinox

The spring equinox marks the turning of the year to warner days and lighter evenings. I love this time to take stock of my plans and ideas from Imbolc in Feb, and see what is working, what needs more work and how I can get the balance in my life.

Planet wise things are a little calmer this month, the new moon in Pisces vibe throughout March allows us to dream big and get in touch with our mystical side – Who’s been having crazy dreams? Pay attention to your dreams now they will reveal hidden secrets! Trust your intuition now and get in touch with emotions 

This months Mystic message is form my own deck of oracle cards – Mystic Messages – available on my website www.katemay.co.uk   

Use the law of attraction to work with your energies now. We are what we think and all that! make small changes to start with to create the life you want – it totally works! 

Have a marvellous March


Mystic Blessings

Kate May Modern day mystic