45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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March Tarot/Psychic Scopes

What will this month bring for you?

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This month signifies the start of a new enterprise. Traditionally, this may be a new job or some other business venture, but could also be the birth of something wonderful.

Whatever the particular focus, creativity,enthusiasm,innovation and ambition are all indicated this month and show that you will be able to use these skills with great force to achieve the desire – new beginnings, creativity and inventiveness

A good idea will arise this month that requires action and go getting- more can come from this if you push yourself and do what you’ve been thinking about – this month is about action and creating new opportunity’s from your talents

A great card for new things to happen. Be creative in your thinking, new doors will open for you in-expediently.

Mystic Mays message of the month – Don’t doubt that thought of inspiration


Your dreams are coming true! This is a great month to put your hopes and dreams out there, A fresh start with new ideas and a brighter outlook is yours for the taking. You are able to go with the flow a lot more this month, there is a natural flow to the energies around you and things generally look a lot brighter.

You seem to have your spark back. With a positive outlook nothing can hold you back this month, aim for the stars!

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Keep a positive mind set and people will follow in your footsteps – Good ideas can become a great reality


Trust your intuition this month. You may be feeling extra driven to search within or search for a more spiritual meaning and approach to life. You have a deep sense of knowing within and should listen to that wisely.

A spiritual teacher or mentor could come forward in to your path way, giving guidance and insight into situations close to your heart.

New ideas are bumbling away, thing you want t put into practice but are holding back till you feel the time is right.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Do only what feels right, nothing less


Illusion and choice, you may be offered something that seems a good idea at the time, however when you look more into it, you can see the flaws. Before you take action, be fully aware of all the options and choices you have. This month it would be better to pause and wait before making big decisions.

People may show their true colours, situations will unfold showing you the full potential as you come to the end of the next few weeks.

Not every thing is in the negative though, there will be some amazing things on offer also, recognise true authenticity, and those who share similar lifestyles to yours. There will be some interesting choices!

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Look past the rose tinted glasses, the shiny sparkles to see whats truly hidden underneath


This is a time to pause and reflect, not to take action.

Trust in your special gifts and intuition as nothing is hidden from the divine intuitive.

There may be things going on outside your influence but you must trust.

Spiritually your senses are heightened this month and you may feel very sensitive.

This is a great month for honouring your own beliefs and finding your own inner knowingness.

You may also be seeking truth from a spiritual teacher or mentor. Mediation will be favourable this month for your own personnel clarity.

Relationships and activities that you once enjoyed are also changing as you become more sensitive

Remember the law of attraction, what you put out you will get back, your actions create cause and effect.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Take responsibility for these actions and if you are not happy with your lot – now is a great time to change it.


A great card signalling an awakened moment. You may have a penny dropping moment this Month, clarification comes clearly and that ah ha moment! A great time to be re awakened to a situation or life in general, you should, from this feel some release and renewed energy starting to stir you.

You may have been waiting for a message and finally have it, , allowing yourself to be moved forward now in a new direction.

From this month on you can go forth with a better understanding of a situation that may have been challenging.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – On wards and upwards – you have what it takes now to be awakened


You should feel a lot more comfortable with events this month, seeing the bigger picture and being open to learning more will only advance where you want to be. You have teachers all around you, learn from everyone,every thing.

You don’t have to experience everything yourself and you take others experience and turn it to your advantage.

Social invitations, feeling part of something, being involved in groups and organisations will work wonders for you, allowing much further growth, coming your way

Not the best month to start too many new things, more about building what you got now. Leave the brand new steps for another time

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Staying True to you and knowing your key values are to be most important this month. Keep grounded But accept positive appreciation when its due


You are coming to the end of a difficult time, both mentally, psychically and emotionally. You may have felt like giving up or that others have let you down, how ever know that there is light at the end here, there is a new dawn from which you can rise

As all 10s they come when a completion is near

Mental stresses are at the forefront of this card, karmic change is unavoidable, but from this we grow.

Shedding of old believes and system that have held you back are also indicated with this card. A door id in need of closing but it is easier said then done, once you can finally close a chapter you will begin to heal.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – As hard as it is, the end is near and a new dawn will naturally begin – trust the universe


This month is calling you to have patience. Not your best trait! However with patience and being flexible on timings you will see better results.

Take the time now to rest this month and plan your next steps. A prudent investment of time or money is also indicated.

You may be feeling disconnecter and dissatisfied in work matters but this is only a temporary set back you ramies

Wait and see what the early summer months brings for you! You may feel like there is not way to improve things this month, but in a short space of time you will be able to make movement ahead. Plan wisely now for this movement.

Mystic Mays message of the month – Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket – keep options open


This is a month of hanging around, contemplating and having to wait and see things from a different angle.

You may feel suspended and literally hanging around this month, but rest assured that you are being guided to make a decision that needs careful thought and planning.

Sometimes we have to let things go in order to find our true path, and this may be one of hem times, when sacrifice and release be worth wile in the bigger picture.

Events may be suspended for a few weeks, this allows you see that bigger picture and to trust that all is as it should be.

While being at a cross roads and swinging back and forth emotionally, doesn’t suit you, this month, it is needed for the deep thinking and releasing

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Think big, drop the minor dreams, learn to let go for a better move forward


This Month it is all about you and the family. Looking at ways to improve your diet, lifestyle and your home comforts, but you must think more deeper and feel what really soothes your soul.

Family ties will be extra important and a very abundant time can be had.

Peace and love are highlighted in the family areas.

Abundant news is also coming this month, growth expansion and with the right effort and nurturing put in to something, growth will come.

Spending time with those you love, those whos company’s you enjoy the most

Nurturing yourself with home made food, bubble baths and pampering will all be very beneficial

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Put you and your family first, enjoy the start of the spring with those that mean the most to you!


A wonderful opportunity related to work or education is coming your way this month! Seize the chance to learn something new or exciting. Start a more rewarding and uplifting position. You should be feeling more cheerful, settled but also a little bit mischievous this month! You may also encounter someone of this nature if this isn’t you. You should be feeling more adventures for 2019 and want to make more of a name for yourself or see your past efforts more sustained. Anything connected to learning and or teaching will be of benefit to you. Lookout or create new ventures that involve moving forward with excitement and visions. Family matters that have concerned you, are now clearing, although there is a little niggle of someone still, show them the positive side of any situation

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – There is a side to you that needs to be seen more, have fun and enjoy what you want to achieve




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