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May Mystic News Letter

News Letter

Welcome to Mays Mystic News letter

5 months into the year already, how quick did that go!

May is one of my fave month of the year. Not least because its birthday month.

It is also Beltane, the fire festival that starts the summer months off. A time of fertility, growth, making summer plans seeing what is likely to bloom now from our ideas and also from our winter planting.

Taurus  season is also here

Taurus are planners, they plod on slowly building up what they can to create a firm foundation supporting their securities. Something we can all benefit from now. A time to look at our finances, our home and where we feel we want to put that extra effort in to building the next step of our lives.

Taurus rule the money area, in astrology. They are in things for the long haul, you don’t often find a flakey Taurus. So Perhaps look at long term financial investments, work opportunities or relationships now. Use this time to weed out what isn’t going to work long term for you.

We have the new moon in Taurus a great time for implanting these new ways of being around may 11thand the Full moon in Sagittarius, the flower or strawberry moon around May 26th.

The full Moon in Sagittarius looks also looks at long term goals, plus travel, inspiration and embracing our freedom and adventure side. We could all do with a. little freedom and adventure after 5 months of lock down, right? What will come to light from this full moon will show you how to encourage your souls growth, deepen your knowledge with areas of study and learning and becoming more Intune with your higher purpose. A change to follow what makes you feel free and more purposeful

How liberating!

This month from May 17that the Mystic Coffee we will be open fully as serving you yummy breakfasts, lunches and more!

It has been fabulous going back to face to face readings and treatments, to book just text 07800734911 or go through the booking system on www.mysticcoffeelounge.co.uk

Until May the 17th We are open Thursdays 11-2 until take away and stock collections

To book a reading contact www.katemay.co.ukor text 07800734911

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This month we launched  the Mystic and Holistic directory, I honestly get so many people asking me do I know someone who does this or that, so ta da, This directory is a one stop shop for all your mystic and holistic needs including, past life regression, feng shui, therapies, readings and more!  Check out www.mysticandholistic.co.uk for all deets

After running my VIP group for several months I have  changed the vibe to join the  VIP Mystic Members lounge is starts at just £11 a month email me – click here join. This month we are doing 2 Q & As sessions plus the new moon in Taurus mediation live and Full moon in Sagittarius mediation live so you can fully be involved with what’s going on personally for you 


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More lovely people have purchased my own mystic messages cards! Thankyou so much! To grab your own deck purchase them here www.katemay.co.uk 

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To kick of May here is your monthly tarot message

4 Wands

This is a sign that celebrations are here! You have worked hard and achieved victory with recognition and success. You can rejoice with others your victory and accomplishments

The four of wands indicates that you will be sharing a celebration, there are two people enjoying the celebrations in the card, this shows either that two people will receive good news together or that the other person will be sharing in your glory. A time to celebrate with those you love

This card looks like a wedding picture; it may actually be a sign that you are getting married or engaged or celebrating a birthday or important milestone. It is a card of happiness, appreciation and enjoying the good things in life.

The four of wands invites you to let your hair down, enjoy what life has to offer, be thankful for what you have worked for and appreciate those around you.

This card can appear when there is a homecoming, a rejoicing and has a feeling of security and support. You feel loved and supported by those around you and equally can share your love.

Four in numerology connects to foundations, this card reflects that stability of securing a solid foundation, a comfortable home, maybe you are decorating or refurbishing your home to be more comfortable or settling down.

The four of wands is a victory of your hard work and commitments to projects that are now paying off. Enjoy this time of celebration, put down your tools for a while and bask in the glory of rewards. Be proud of your achievements and how far you have come. Even if it is for a short while, and you have other projects coming up, enjoy the time now.

The message of this card is of celebrations and enjoying your recognition. Sharing joy with others and bringing welcomed news

Following the theme, the crystal of the month is Citrine

The happy crystal. Have Citrien around you or your home or work space when you’re looking to increase happiness, fun and all round positive energy. A crystal supporting abundance, financial freedom and positive attitudes. Supports you in overcoming depressing and sadness.

The energy that comes from this crystal encourages motivation, and optimism.

Supports manifestation and intention. Supporting your dreams to become a reality.

Mystic Blessings 

Kate May x x




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