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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Mediumship demonstration with Colin Flaherty


Friday 22nd November 10.00 Mediumship Demonstration with Colin Flaherty

After 2 years away from mediumship demonstrations, Colin Flaherty is back!
This is Colin’s first Public Demonstration of mediumship in 2 years and we are super excited to get him back on the platform!
Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm start

Available for one to one Readings, Skype, email and Phone.
Available for Church Services, Demonstrations and trance Demonstrations
Available for Workshops and talks
Colin is a 4th Generation Spiritual Medium from his mothers side of the family.

Colin has had more than 20 years of training and sitting in development for Spiritual Mediumship & over 15 years siting for trance Mediumship.

He has completed 3 sun dances, several sweat lodges and his own vision quest high in the Rockies in Montana under the guidance of the crow tribe, and in particular Ehnamani formally Sun-dance leader.

He has absolute faith that this is his pathway and that he communicates with those that have passed over, truthfully, humbly and with the highest respect.

Colin has studied under some of the most well known and greatest medium tutors such as Leonard Young, Mavis Pittila, Mallory Stendall. Stephen Smith,and colleges such as the Arthur Finely. College in the U.K,

During his trance sittings has experienced physical phenomena.

Colin has spent time working as a Medium and Trance Medium both in England and across America, his journey has included presidency of a church, for several years, as well as working in several different churches internationally, including new Zealand, Australia, America.

Colin is now based in Portsmouth, U.K. and travels across the country, working as a Spiritual Medium, Trance Medium, tutor and doing talks

Twice a year he work across America in California, L.A, Santa Clarita,Monterey, & Palm Springs, Serving Churches, doing talks,Trance demonstrations & workshops with his teachings.

117 high street cosham portsmouth




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