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Mediumship versus Psychic – is being psychic really that bad?

Mediumship versus Psychic


Is being Psychic such a raw deal? Are mediums superior to psychics is reading the tarsot cards a sin? Do people think lesser of a psychi then they do a medium?  some would think so…


This is just my opinion – don’t kill off  the tarot reader just yet!

Everything spiritual has it purpose

Ive recently joined a group on social media and I think I am  about to unjoin it just as quick! There seems to be quite a bit about the standards of mediumship now coming out. While I am in agreement that there is a lot of flaky mediums who are really more of a Psychic (nothing wrong in that just don’t say your not doing it when your are) doing sittings or demonstrations out there now, and who really do need to go back to their circles and develop more before doing platform or one to one mediumship readings, there is a lot of great ones popping up too.

The word physic seems to be portraying as some what of a lesser meaning form of reading than mediumship.

Now to clarify, Psychic is a sense that you use to pick up on situations, feelings and whats going on around the person either now or in the past, it can be used for prediction also, which as well seems to be a dirty word. Predictions have been given as far as way back, now not all are correct so this is where the line crosses and perhaps where its made to feel dirty but I love the word prediction!

Mediumship is a direct link to someone who has died and is communicating with the medium.

For me and this is only my opinion when I work psychically its like a pull in the front and is heavier, when I work mediumistically its like a drop link from around me and is lighter in feeling.

Both have a very important part within a reading, both get used if you are a medium and no one should feel any less a person about that.

In the group I have  joined,  I said I read psychic and mediumistic as my clients want both and when I have a reading I too like both. Plus you can not 100% guarantee mediumship. I commented that in a 45 min reading most, not all but most mediums would drop into the psychic at some point – I have never had a reading (and I have had a few) that has been 100% mediumistic for 45 minutes – im not saying its impossible but from my experience I have  not had one. Nor have I given one that is just that for that long. Oh my goodness, shoot me down now, I may as well have said I have just eaten my hamster! The comments were that if a medium, a real medium obviously, sits in the power regularly, they can hold the link for an hour easy peesy. Well good for them, I may book them myself now. But what is so wrong with a psychic reading? Are they not as good? Is the information so different?

To be fair though the group is about standards of mediumship not psychic but I am  putting my opinion in anyway.

Does it really make you a lesser spiritual being if you dare say your a psychic – Shock Horror – I AM A PSYCHIC MEDIUM – what does that actually mean then? Well it means I give reading both psychically and mediumistic. There Ive said it and guess what, I am  still being booked – what is important though is that I know what the difference is and I let my clients know – I don’t pretend to be given the information by a passed grandma if I am not, I use tarot cards because I can and I like that. I am  happy to use them – TA DA – another horrific admittance, guess what though – I am still working. Apparently if we use cards or tools we are not working for spirit? Really Ugh actually Ive only developed my mediumship since working with the cards – I guess I have a flexible spirit friend then

While some standards are slipping, I agree that, but I don’t think it would be in everyone’s best interest or the spirit worlds to all be the same, some great mediums know where they are going in an audience some don’t, of all those being critical – how many actually get up there and do it 100%? how many say ooohhh they’ve gone psychic now, start the hanging.

Psychic is not a dirty word, to become a medium you must be psychic, simple. Not all psychics are mediums though and this is where my bug does comes in – just know what your talking about.

I have recently started doing Tarot demonstrations – on stage – yep on platform with a tool! Ill get my coat! – I actually do this with a medium – the evening is advertised as a psychic and mediumship evening – people know what they are in for and guess what – each time Ive done its sold out! Shock horror again! Does this make me a bad person? Am I disrespecting spirit? No not at all , I am simply doing it because I can and people like it. I am not pretending to do something else and its actually building my confidence for later on mediumship platform work – some critics will say I am doing it all wrong, and it shouldn’t be aloud, sorry not sorry, if I am doing mediumship I will do that and say, if I am doing psychic I will do that and say – and guess what, again, – its OK – it helps people, it demonstrates how tarot can be used, you know the tarot, that word that some churches don’t allow in, its that psychic reader I can hear them say,she only reads the tarot cards – only lol I’m also doing the tarot psychic demos it to bring the two together, so it doesn’t have to be a dirty word, or a lesser weaker put down. Granted for higher standards in mediumship tarot or tools would not be used in a public demonstration of mediumship or a mediumistic reading, but cmon people, its not a sin otherwise – no wheres that unjoin button!




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