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Mercury Retrograde Tarot Spread

Mercury retrograde

We often hear people blame Mercury Retrograde for this or that, namely anything that goes wrong with or computers or anything tecky. This is because Mercury, rules communication and technology.

This retrograde is in Gemini, which has mercury as its ruler, and rules the 3rd house in astrology, connecting commination, technology and travel together. You may find that travel plans get delayed! But can, or should you really blame mercury retrograde for delays and upsets? And is it really a negative time?

Well, no, not really. if we are of form that we take personnel responsibility for all our actions than we must also do this when the shit hits the fan too. What Mercury Retrograde is great for, is a recap, a re boot and a check in. Retrogrades over a second chance to get things right. It can be a great time to fine tune your projects, go back over emails and any communications to perfect them, even making them better than before. It’s a great time to forgive your past hurts and yourself.

I love this time, it gives me a chance to stop and not start any new projects, if you know me, your know I’m a queen at creating new ideas, it allows me to pause and go back over my work, making sure its 100% perfect ready for any launches or revibes. Any relaunching should wait until mercury goes direct, in this case the 3rd June. Use this energy to go back over things, keep away from drama or any gossip as things could easily get mislead, leave new projects till after June 3rd, and back up any tecky work! You can’t  blame Mercury retrograde if you already know how to work with it, right!




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