Money Tarot Spread 6 cards

Money Tarot Spread 6 cards

Bring me the money, honey! Money makes the world go round. Love it or hare it, we live in a world where it can rule our lives. However, having a healthy relationship with money can, and does make a huge difference to how we allow it effect our lives. Money can be attracted, money can be controlled, money can be fun. Work out your money blocks, bring in more money, Enjoy the money you have without stressing. You may think “oh its easy fer her to say that” but believe me, I’ve had to work through some real money shit!

This tarot spread hopefully will help you realise what kind of relationship you have with money and guide you to enjoy it! Try it our yourself or message in to get yours emailed over

Money Tarot Spread

How can you bring in more money

What money opportunities are you missing

How can you have a better relationship with money

Money Blocks

What can support your money blocks

How can you have a healthier relationship with money

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