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New moon in Aquarius

What does the New Moon in Aquarius actually mean?

New moon in Aquarius 

We have the new moon in Aquarius! As every new moon we look at new ideas, new ways of doing things, new thinking. 

This Aquarius moon effects our thinking, creating new thoughts on our hopes and dreams. Thinking about our friendships and who we want to group up with. 

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, the planet of rebellion, change, humanitarianism, revolution, individualism, eccentricity, , science and inventions

Represented by Innovative actions, enlightenment technology and rebellion. Uranus The God of the Sky.

 A progressive nature, forward thinking with ideas of individuality and discovery. The copy cats may have had their day! 

 Reflected in our originality, our desire to change and make things better. The rebel of the planets. Without the influence of Uranus, we would all be sheep for sure!

This energy is such a transformation from the restrictions of Capricorn and Saturn that had controlling energy and following leaders, now we will start to see the power of the people more, we will start to think for ourselves more and come up with ways to break free from conforming or such restrictions. 

This new moon is great for any new beginnings, celebrate being different, and manifesting our dreams and desires. It is a time to think big and look to the future with a positive mind set and optimism. Detach yourself from past hurts and restriction, things or emotions that have had you locked in the past embrace this new way forward. 

As a humanitarianism sign, ask if you working along side your fellow man in harmony, bend a little, reach out A time to take action 

This new moon brings 6 planets in Aquarius, Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, mercury and Saturn, something that has not been seen for many many years and giving a huge shift in exploring outside the box and invocative ideas, much needed change and rebellion in certain areas. We will see people taking things into their own hands more, and like I said forming groups of like minded friends to expand and bring together their own communities, using original ideas, bigger visions and supporting those in need 

A great time for all things to be positively possible! 

The tarot card connected to Aquarius is the Star 

In the Star card we see a naked woman, a representation of her purity and venerability to the world, but also her confidence in her own self acceptance, we see her kneeling by the water with one foot in the water, and other on the land. This shows her balance of earthly grounding, on one and sensitive intuition on the other. She holds two jugs, one in each hand, pouring water into the lake, from one and onto the ground from the other. This reflects the practical conscious world and the psychic intuitive subconscious world.]  Above her head, we see a large golden star, representing her true values, beliefs and acceptance of herself and the world., this is surrounded by 7 smaller stars representing the 7 main chakras. 

In the background, a bird sits on a tree, facing the stars and the water. This represents renewal and guidance into the new energy now forming. 

The star card tis a great sign that you are feeling positive, optimistic and full of vitality! And if you are not then you should be! 

There is much to be hopeful for and inspired now. 

The Star card represents a new dawn your faith is now being restored and a new outlook on life is approaching. 

A time of renewal and pace both on the inside and on the outside, you may have had a spiritual epiphany or a life style change that sees you in tip top psychical shape now This is a time of growth and new beginnings on every level. You are feeling free to be true authentic self 

You are being asked to keep positive and optimistic now. The star is lighting the way forward and asking you to be open to new blessings. By being optimistic and positive right now you are allowing the mirror effect to happen. What you send out you will receive. The law of attraction. The Star is number 17 in the tarot deck most fortune configuration of 8, when reduced to 8 is power and strength 

The star card represents alignment in its perfect form. The starts are aligned for you perfectly now and anything is possible, this shows a prosperous new start for you now and where you really can dream big, and reach for the stars 

New moon Tarot messages

Aries – 10 cups – Count your blessings, many things are looking good for you with this new moon. Let your creative magic flow and be proud of all your achievements so far. The new moon gives you the confidence to smile again

Taurus – The moon – Things may not be as they seem, trust your intuition and if in doubt do nowt! There is an air of illusions now, mysteries and unseen things. Your mood is changeable but listen to your hunches over logic. The new moon may mean yoir new ideas need more practical thought

Gemini – 2 Pentacles – You will be having to juggle things this month, weighing up practical matters, and deciding the best outcome. Choices will cause you dilemma but the new moon will give you the light on the best option

Cancer – 8 Wands – Things are moving fast for you this month! You may super busy ir have a lot going on. The time to act is now if you want to make the most of opportunities. If everything is up in the air, trust ll fall into place. The new moon is encouraging you to keep positive and remain optimistic

Leo – 9 wands – You are through the worst! instead of looking ahead in fear, look how far you have come. You are almost at the end of a difficult road, just a few more steps to go but be proud of what you have achieved so far. . The new moon shines a light to the end of the tunnel and brings a positive welcome of better things ahead

Virgo – Reversed 8 of swords – You have been feeling trapped and blocked, your mind has been consumed with worry causing you to be going round and round in your head, the new moon allows you to see things differently now, you have broken free from this trapped position and can see things from a different angle which will help you problem solve much easier now

Libra – Ace of swords – Your mind may have been confused of late, lets face it theres so much going on that is a challenge right ow who wouldn’t be! But clarity is coming along with new directions and a new way of thinking. The new moon allows you to think clearer with new ideas and move forward. Important contract may be need attention

Scorpio – Two of swords – You could be forgiving for feeling stuck and indecisive right now, si much on your mind its causing a block. Take time to pause before you make choices so you can think clearer. The new moon asks that you trust your intuition and logic when making decisions

Sagittarius- 4 cups – Feeling bored and fed up? All these restrictions to a sign that loves travel and fun loving may make you feel like giving up or sulking in the corner. Don’t give up though, the new moon asks you to keep your chin up and remain positive and optimistic that better times are coming.Reach out if you are feeling low

Capricorn – 3 wands – Its time to start planning! You have reached a milestone and can now plan ahead to brighter days. You are in a mood to look further ahead and plan next steps. The new moon inspires you to reach further a field and dream big

Aquarius – Knight of pentacles – You are making steady progress and should continue to remain focused and see things through to the end. You are being asked to remain grounded and practical and may have positive news on work opportunities involving travel. new venues get off to a flying start! The new moon in your own sign encourages you to take action and aim for the stars but keep a grounded approach

Pisces – 2 cups – Harmony balances out any challenges, you may have a great connection with someone where you have mutual respect and admiration. The new moon bring positive news of love, creation and inspiration

Mystic Blessings

Kate May

Modern Day mystic





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