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New Moon in Aquarius

It’s a new moon in Aquarius! Also known as the luna moon – The first new moon of the year

A new life can start this weekend! In both the sun and the moon! Bringing double blessings of new beginnings connecting to abundance – joy – positive thinking – optimism

This new moon vibe brings a welcome awakening giving you a second chance if you like, at your new year goals

New moons are great for new beginnings new manifestations, new ways of doing and opening the door to new opportunities

Its ernst to wait 3 days after the new moon however to actually start actioning these new vibes otherwise they could get off to a false start or fizzle out quicker then a shite fire work!

This particular new moon is extra special because it blends with the Chinese new year, the year of the rabbit. Both Aquarius energy and Rabbit energy as you to think outside the box, to do things differently, to shine your uniqueness and not follow the crowd

Aquarian energy is liken other. They shine form their own star are deeply reflective, sometimes they will easily overthink, they can take their time in doing things preferring to do things at their own pace and wont be rushed by anyone. they are independent and love to learn new things. They enjoy deep conversation, dislike being told what to do and enjoy using their brain. This is the vibe we are all entering now! Be prepared to walk away from controlling situations and crowds that don’t honour our soul.

Mars the planet of passion and drive is trine giving a new passionate direction and Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion adds all the positive influence

Aquarius is the sign of freedom and breakthroughs and in a New Moon guarantees many new beginnings.

Of note is a close “out of sign” conjunction of the New Moon with Pluto.

Truths will emerge with Pluto transforming everything

This will be you honouring your truths as well as worldly truths

Pluto highlights what is no longer for your highest good. You may find this challenging as you break away from situations abd are woken up to your truths

But the Jupiter’s same 1 degree as Pluto, will bring joyful and luck blessing and Mars’ newfound passion and drive will support your creative beautiful gifts guiding you to start a new life especially in areas you feel belong to your huger self and truth

Uranus, the planet of rebellion and sudden changes, ruler of Aquarius and this New Moon, is stationing direct hours later on January 22. Bringing more awakenings and light to situations

All leading to a magical and major brand new chapters and beginnings

Meditate on this new moon to find your truths and answers

Pick a tarot card or angel card to see how this new moon will influence you

Don’t forget though have that breakthrough new moment today but act on it in 3 days – always give the moon a chance to shine before performing new rituals

Blessed new moon everyone ✨

Things to do on a new Aquarian moon

*Charge your crystals

*Clear away unwanted clutter

*Meditate on the star tarot card

*Read a new book or watch documentary . that teachers you something

*Expand your knowledge by signing uo to something new and different

*Light a pale blue or purple candle for new ways of thinking and clearing your mind to give you clarity and understanding

*Connect with Amethyst – Aquarians Crystal and release all your over thinking to it – Amethyst collects unwanted energy so its idea for healers to have under their beds

Here is you Aquarius Tarot spread

*How can you detach yourself


*New vibe around you

*What can you do to help the collective

*New ideas to go for

*Future message to yourself




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