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New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread and Tarot Reading

Aquarius full moon

This is a biggie! Think outside the box and reinvent yourself! A great time to visualise your future self, release all that holds you back. Step into a brand new you!

On the occasion of the New Moon in Aquarius, the moon will illuminate your twelfth house of the unconscious. However, there is no need to be apprehensive, as daydreaming and introspection can be constructive. Embrace this opportunity to tap into your visionary side and gain insights. This New Moon is a time for renewal and manifestation. If there is a void in your life, this is the moment for the collective to work towards filling it. New experiences, people or items could help with this. During New Moons, it’s natural to act foolishly, as we all do when starting something new. Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment.

This New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle, as the Capricorn New Moon cycle ends and the Aquarius New Moon cycle begins. With a strong focus on friendship, brotherhood, group activities, social pursuits, group projects, humanitarian efforts, and trying something new, this is a time for new beginnings in these areas. It’s an opportunity to solve problems that require “out of the box” thinking and look to the future with a positive and hopeful vision. We are encouraged to brainstorm, socialise, extend a friendly hand, receive support, and express platonic love for those around us.

This is a time to develop more objectivity, detach from past haunts and experience something new or different, to revitalise ourselves.
This cycle motivates us to connect with people in our social circle and community and value our friendships and social networks. We should also recognise that distancing ourselves from our habits and attachment to the past will help us break away from destructive behaviours that are holding us back. Uranus’s influence on this New Moon will bring rebellious, impulsive, abrupt, and innovative energy. We should watch out for being overly stubborn or narrow in our focus.
Aquarius energy is future-focused and encourages us to make progressive changes in our lives. This is a great time to let go of attachments, be true to ourselves, and accept our unique qualities. We can harness this New Moon’s energy to come up with innovative solutions to life’s problems, inventions, and ways of doing things.

If you’re feeling stuck, this is the perfect time to break out of your rut and make some changes. Aquarius energy strives for the betterment of humanity, so this New Moon is an excellent opportunity to do your bit. Reach out and connect with others

Tarot Reading

*How can you reconnect to your true self: Wheel of fortune – Make the changes you need to reinvent or be true to your true self. Take a risk, and follow your own path.

*New ideas to action: 3 of Pentacles: Collaborate with others for the best success. Team work is dream work for your new ideas.

*What can you do to help the collective: 6 of Wands: Celebrate the good times together!  Get with  like minded people and spread optimism and positivity collectively!

*Cords to cut: The hanged man: Release what no longer serves your visions. If you cant see someone or something in your long term future its time to cut those cords!

*Future message to yourself: Knight of swords: Before you go rushing ahead into everything that excites you, take time to dot the eyes and cross teh tea‘s. Plan ahead to avoid mistakes.




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