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New Moon In Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius –

New moons as always path the way for new ideas and new beginnings. I will be adding to my Alter, a few tarot cards that represent my intentions including the Aquarius Tarot card – The Star and from my astrology deck, the new moon card. With this new moon being in Aquarius, this falls in my 2nd house, So I will be looking at my finances and different ways to improve them and maybe seeking new risks with that!

The Tarot card that represents Aquarius is the Star – the star is. the water bearer but actually an air sign. The card is about being optimistic, hopeful, wishful, having mental stability and more in-depth understanding of both yourself and others around you.

Aquarius is about originality, the rebel, the genius, thinking out of the box and not one that likes restrictions or following the statue quo! The humanitarian,Aquarius like to be in with like minded people and enjoy intelligent conversations that allow them to use their brain and expand their knowledge

The planet Uranus rules Aquarius, and this planet of awakening is very powerful at this time. This New Moon will definitely be one of the greatest and most powerful events of the year, and as with all new moons, the influence is on optimism and new beginnings encouraging you to look at new things

From the start of 2019, there has been a lot of swinging between old and new things. Clearing the past and planning the future, – with this new moon , the energy is better for more progression and clarity with those new ideas or directions. It’s been a tough week and, indeed, a tough month. This New Moon offers a more quiet and still place, somewhere to breathe and gather your thoughts.

The Aquarius new moon is a great time to detach yourself from your usual way of doing things or thinking, allowing yourself to think in different way, or follow a different path. Look at things from a non emotional point of view – allowing clearer insight

Allow yourself to detach form what society or others expect from you, find the real you and use that Aquarian energy of not caring what others think, to make things work for you.

It is a great time to use the humanitarian side of Aquarians, with this new moon, to start up a charitable cause or look at doing work that helps others. You may have found that the last few days you have been thinking of changing your ways for the good of others, or looking to help those less fortunate

Look for like minded friends, this is a great time for social fun occasion, not least because its around your birthday, but also because Aquarians are good at large groups of similar minded people

Have a look at your Tarot cards and see …

  • What is the potential unfoldment coming up with new moon
  • What old behaviors do you need to leave behind
  • Where should be, your new focus
  • How can you think outside the box more – what will help you
  • New Moons Mystic Message



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