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New Moon in Aries By Kate May

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New Moon in Aries April 5th 2019

As with all new moons, the energy is about new things and stirring up new thoughts, new ideas and a new approach to things.

As Aries is the first sign of the zodiac,there is an urgent start to the new beginnings, have you been feeling a little tetchy? Not knowing why? This could be the reason.

New moons have a way of stirring us into action, but the new moon in Aries really lights a fire under us! As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is super-charged with the energy of new beginnings, and when the sun and moon meet up in this cardinal fire sign, it’s like hitting the cosmic reset button. More than any other new moon of the year, this one has the potential to spark some major change.

Aries evokes the energy of our inner warrior so as we approach this new moon it’s a great time to confront our fears & do that which scares us most to reclaim our personal power

Moving into excitable Aries, with warrior mars as its ruler, we have no or less fear now.If there is something you have been trying to get off the ground, or planning to do, now is a great time for you to take that action, that next step. Be brave, Be daring. Know what you want and go for it!

With its quick-thinking sensibilities, Aries is great at putting out fires; but its tendency to act and speak without thinking make it just as likely to fan the flames. Under this moon’s influence, we’re more prone to knee-jerk reactions (or overreactions), hotheadedness, and rude/reckless behaviour, however with Saturn clashing , this could either be calmed or down or over explode!

This New moon is squared by Saturn, like a clash, so the intensity is more controlled, pressing down that usual fiery excitement that comes with most new moons, especially a fire one. You may need to work through things a little more slower and with more focus

With the fiery planet of Mars and sign of Aries, you may see the shadow side – being defensive, seeing others as competition , throwing tantrums, being emotionally demanding, boiling over in rage. Use Satuns control to calm this down and re think, turn it around into how you can make action to change these thinking or behaviours, think about how else you can let off steam, see competition as a healthy challenge to step up out of your comfort zone

Things to think about this new moon…

What areas do I need a fresh start

What have I been putting off

With this extra energy, where best shall I put it

What no longer serves me

Exercise and anything energetic would be great now

Have a magical New Aries Moon

Mystic blessings

Kate May x




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