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The New moon in Aries

As we enter this strange time of change, we have the new moon in Aries today.

We know that with every new moon its about new ideas, new situations, new thoughts, and this new moon is about action! We need new action now and from today, it is a great time to start applying it.

Aries is a fire sign, full of action fiery emotions. No wonder. We might be feeling a bit jittery, as we are home bound or restricted in our movements, but still have this burning firey energy inside us that needs to be released some how!

This is a great time to talk to your neighbours, friends and family. Aries love to be chatty. A great time to start thinking about where to channel that new energy, with new inspirational ideas, new creative tasks and new ways of being but with a positive vibe.

Marking the first sign of the zodiac, its like the astrological new year! More than just a new moon its a noble whammy of new energy

We have a serious life changing challenge going on all around us now, so this new moon will help us to think of new ways to be for all those wanting to work with the Arian energy. Things may be also be. More heated now, but its important to use this energy wisely and fuel it in a positive way, healing from the past and learning to look forward not backwards.

Aries is number 1, this is ourselves. We are now being asked to go within and work on ourselves first, working through challenges, and connecting to your inner self, your your and your raw power within that we all have.

If you feel anger or resentment with this new moon, use the influence of Venus, planet of love to harmonise and balance yourself. Interestingly, I have my moon in Aries, and I have just added pink to all my logos, making them all pink and green now!

This new moon we are asked to look at what action is needed now, the dreams of Pisces are over and ac ion is upon us

Plan for the future, especially the next 12 months. With so many uncertainties now all we can really do is plan for the next phase

Be assertive, take charge of situations you have control of and has courage to get through any challenges

Focus on you, a new you, one that stands out from the crowd and shines for everything you believe in

The tarot card connected to Aries is the Emperor
The Emperor reflects a father figure, a masculine energy and power, authority. The energy of this card is about boundaries, security and setting this up for a stronger foundation – All rathe fitting really with the world right now!




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