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New Moon In Astrology Houses

New Moon in the Houses

The New Moon transiting the houses of the natal chart

Look to the position of the New Moon by house in any given month for areas of your life that will be activated for the duration of the month. Heightened sensitivity in these areas is likely, and a potential for renewal is found here.

New Moon in the First House

This New Moon placement is a powerful one it’s a time to reinvent yourself in some personal way, such as with a new look or manner of expressing and presenting yourself. This is a personally busy time of year, when you feel energetic and enthusiastic. Think about how you present yourself to others, focus on changing personal habits in such a way as to improve your confidence in yourself, and concentrate on putting your best foot forward, as this is a time when you will get noticed and make a personal impression on others. However, factor in the importance of authenticity in your presentation of yourself. You do not have to, of course, reveal all of yourself to others, but the sign of Aries associated with the first house reminds us of the importance of acting on our impulses and believing in ourselves. This is a time when you can be brave and enjoy new experiences.

New Moon in the Second House

Heightened sensitivity to the world of the five senses, to your physical environment, and to the security you gain from the solid ground you have built for yourself is in order for this period of time. Attainment to, and appreciation off, the physical world of the senses is the focus, and this is a time to start fresh in terms of how you arrange your life in order to feel a sense of value and worthiness. Financial issues come into focus. Setting realistic financial goals, as well as formulating such things as budgets and other sensible financial planning projects, will be favoured during this time. Discovering ways to increase your income is featured. It is also a wonderful time for taking moments to pleasure yourself through earthy, tactile, and comforting endeavours.

New Moon in the Third House

The third house rules our communication skills, learning, methods, daily interactions and contact, and general “busy-ness”. This is a favourable time for learning something new, feeling at ease in social situations, taking care of the details of daily life, and developing a mental rapport with others. It is a time when you will be more aware of your environment, and when you experience increased alertness. It’s a good time to take tests, fill out forms, start a new course, write letters, make phone calls, and take care of daily tasks with energy.

New Moon in the Fourth House

Home and family may be a focus during this phase. On a personal, developmental level, this is a time to not only listen to what is in your gut, but to pay homage to those feelings! What makes you feel safe and secure? This is the time to explore and develop a sense of inner security. Although the fourth house is associated with the home, it is an angular, cardinal house that stirs up activity. This is a time of reorganisation and heightened awareness of your roots, issues of intimacy and vulnerability, and it’s an excellent time to come in touch with your feelings and needs. Focusing on your support system and the manner in which you support others is also probable. This is a good time to make long-range plans for the future, to do any type of reorganising or even remodelling of the home or home environment, and for family-related activities.

New Moon in the Fifth House

Creative self-expression comes under the realm of the fifth house, and a New Moon occurring here sparks the creative juices. Romantic inclinations are also highlighted, as are any kind of celebratory, playful, and just-for-fun endeavours. You will be especially aware of your need for approval and feedback from others, deriving pleasure from the ways your own creativity impact the world around you. This can be a passionate time for you, and a time when you might feel more bold than usual. If you are feeling good about yourself, and especially if you have taken advantage of the time for re-building of confidence that the New Moon in the fourth house brought, you will fairly radiate during this expressive period.

New Moon in the Sixth House

The New Moon in the sixth house heralds a time when new diet regimes, healthy routines, and satisfying work schedules can be successfully initiated. It is a time of taking care of business, handling details, and increasing your efficiency by reorganising or simply by working enthusiastically at tasks that help you get caught up in your work. It is also a good time for analysis of any sort, as critical thinking is now at its peak. This period is marked by a desire to sort things out, but also to be useful.

New Moon in the Seventh House

Negotiations and diplomacy are highlighted during this period, as it is a favourable time to begin new relationships or to re-define existing ones. Issues of sharing and partnership come to the fore. Increased awareness of the need for someone significant to lean on or to rely on is often associated with this position. Working on, or resolving to work on, relationships that are mutually supportive is a good idea at this time. If you find yourself sensitive to the feeling of lacking support from partners, this may be a good time to ask yourself how companionable you are, and work on developing yourself in this area of life. You might just find that this is a period when you are at your most gracious. It is also a good time to make contacts and to make something public.

New Moon in the Eighth House

This is a time of empowerment. It is a good time to focus on issues of intimacy as well as developing self-mastery skills. You may experience increased awareness of others—what makes them tick—as well as your own internal motivations during this period. It is a time when intimacy and deep levels of sharing are heightened. It is also a favourable time to start a financial plan, savings plan, take out a loan or consolidate, and do work in accounting.

New Moon in the Ninth House

The ninth house rules our spirit to grow, explore, and expand beyond the “regular” experiences in our lives. The New Moon here may bring some restlessness and dissatisfaction with regular routines. Make an effort to initiate new projects or activities that expand your mind, feed your spirit for adventure, and stretch your imagination. You may feel renewed with a  new perspective on your life, something philosophical or spiritual that you read or learn, or an adventure that takes you away from the mundane routines in your life.

New Moon in the Tenth House

Heightened sensitivity to your standing in society and your goals for constructive progress are highlighted this month. It’s a good time to develop new business plans and goals, assuming the New Moon is not very afflicted, and a sense of renewal and reinvigoration with regards to your career goals is a potential. It is a time to focus on the elements of your personality that you are projecting to society and as a professional. Goals for self-mastery and self-discipline should be made at this time. This is a phase when you will be busy with career and/or public responsibilities.

New Moon in the Eleventh House

The eleventh house is a sector associated with networking, making contact, group activities, and income earned from business. With the New Moon here, focus is on making contacts and reaching out to others in both a social and professional sense. It’s a time to turn inner restlessness into fruitful contact with others. Heightened awareness of your position in life within the context of the group, rather than through self-entered focus, is probable with this position of the New Moon, as well as a need for social security. Goals that involve networking, making connections with others, joining or strengthening ties in a group project/activity, and nurturing good will are the focus this month.

New Moon in the Twelfth House

This is a period of review, letting go, and recharging one’s spiritual and, by extension, physical “batteries”. Focus, now, is on fulfilment through service, empathy, and awareness of other’s needs; but it can also be a time of withdrawal and some sort of retreat in a social sense, depending on your personal and natural predisposition. Some kind of soul-searching is in order, and the urge to find some level of emotional peace of mind will be apparent. This is a more sensitive position of the New Moon, and it is best to find some sort of peace for the soul in preparation for the New Moon in the first house—a period that is more active and busy than this one.




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