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New Moon in Cancer

With every new moon, we see new ideas, new thoughts and new ways of being  surfacing, 

The Cancer new moon is a sensitive one. A time to see where you need to nurture yourself, a relationship or even a work project. 

The cancarien influence is of home and family life, mother and mother earth 

This is a great time to do some soul searching, tap into your intuition more and see where in your life you want to be more comfortable and at peace. 

As this is a sensitive sign, you could find you are a little more quick to snap, or go inside (like the crab under his shell) more. 

You may find that you are a little over sensitive to others and or situations around you now. Take time to rest and pause and connect t your own inner truth. Physical and mental exhaustion from daily tires or not sleeping well may have left you feeling drained and lacking energy. Recharge your self with this new moon to light your soul once more. Think about what you want to focus on, how can you be more secure in your emotions and home life. This will bring more positivity and optimism your way 

Mercury the planet of communication comes along to help with your communication of feelings and to bring awareness of who you want in your life now, particularly drawing you closer to those that share your emotional bonds and like mindedness. 

Cancerians are typically family connected. This new moon asks you to look at your family, check in with them. Honour your parents, your siblings and family members and those that feel like family to you.  Look at your home, have you been tending to it more lately- without realising its a cancer new moon? Your home should feel secure, safe and comfortable. If it are not in love with it, use this new moon energy to fluff it up a little. 

If you need to get in touch with your loved ones do it now. For those that have passed, sit in a peaceful place with a candle, some photos or a raise a drink to the happy memories. 

Check in on yourself and your own insecurities, nurture your soul now. 

Take some time for yourself, have a warm bubble bath, eat some good food, cuddle up with someone or a big fluffy cushion! If you have pets this will be a great time to spend some time just stroking them. Encourage children to do the same, 

As we are half way through the  year new is a good time to check in with your goals and hopes for the year. Even with the strange changes we have had to embrace lately , it’s probably even more important to have a re check and re set your goals. 

The Tarot card that connects to Cancer for me is the Chariot. 

The Chariot is my favourite card and it shows victory over adversity. Although emotions may run high, as with most big moon phases, staying focused, this card reminds us we can still achieve our goals. this card is a travel card and brings a sense of coming’s home with good results. Feeling in control without having to crack the whip!

If you have an Alter, look at placing happy family photos on it, Moon stone for the moons emotional balance, Citrine crystal for happiness  green aventurine for nurturing and you could write a few new ideas or hopes you want to see come to fruition. The tarot cards you could place could be the chariot, the sun as a happy family card or the 10 of cups, aces are great for new beginnings but remember they only show the potential  – really though it should be your own intent and ideas for the highest magical power. 

What to ask your tarot cards 

*What is the cancer new moon energy around me now 

*How can I tap into your intuition now 

*What areas should I  side step now for the best results 

*How best can I  nurture your soul right now 

*Where do I need more protection at this time New moon 


Kate May




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