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New Moon in Capricorn 2019

New moon In Capricorn

December 25/26th 2019

Kate May Modern Day Mystic

This New moon has the influence of the last solar eclipse of the year.

Like the powerful New Moon, Solar Eclipses are open and fast portals to higher levels of consciousness.

As with all new moons, this will reflect new beginnings but also new paths slowly opening up from the eclipse. An idea may slowly turn into action, especially around work and duty commitments. The energy this Eclipse brings is that of the Capricorn. Capricorns are practical and down to earth. So this may be easier to cope with than lots of emotions. and it’s not the most emotional or expressive. Capricorns are logical and practical. Especially at this time of year, emotions can be heightened And heated. By feeling more practical and less emotional, we might be able to deal with the family or any dynamics that are in need of healing better.

The end of the year, with a new moon, is a great time to reflect over 2019, difficult for many, and see where we want to put that new energy for 2020. Look at what lessons were learned and what can be taken from it in a positive way. Some of 2019 may have been very upsetting and chaotic, there was a month in May that it certainly was for me, however without knowing we were also going through expansion, and soul growth. This growth we can use at the solar eclipse and new moon in the best practical way bringing bring major change and is giving us the opportunity to release, cleanse, refresh, and renew our energy levels just in time for 2020 and the start of an exciting new decade.

New moons are for new beginnings, but this one, specifically, with the eclipse energy, really does bring the old door closes a new one opens statement to a new level

As this is the end of the decade, really think about what the last 10 years have bought you, where you are and where you want to be next year.

Capricorns are ordered, controlled and like to have things sorted, so use this energy to get things in order and get on top of what it is you want to be in control of that will lead to success. This is especially great for career plans.

The Tarot card representing the Capricorn is the Devil. The Devil influences control, restrictions, and temptations. This will ask you to be aware of what temps you down slippery slopes, where the Devil sits within you, but also what needs to be released from temptation, what choices you have to make a healthier pathway for you. Ruled by the planet Saturn, the planet Karma, its no wonder it ends our year and the Decade right now. Discipline and restriction, limitations and time. Using this energy wisely!

Happy new moon and Mystic blessings to you all

Kate May x




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